An Inside View of Hanging the Gallery for our Jeanie Thorn – John Horejs Show

This Thursday, March 21st, we open a show for Jeanie Thorn and John Horejs (my father). We began planning the show almost a year ago and Jeanie and John have been hard at work creating the artwork ever since.

Yesterday, all of the artwork arrived and we set about completely dismantling the gallery to hang for this show. It’s a lot of physical (and mental) work putting a show together, but this one was a lot of fun because Jeanie and John did most of the planning for the layout of the gallery. Jeanie even had a precisely measured and rendered schematic of one of the walls where she hung 15 of her pieces.

Not only did they help plan the layout, but both John and Jeanie, and Jeanie’s husband Gary, spent the entire day in the gallery helping hang the show. Gary even did touch-up paint on the walls and proved to be a paint-rolling speed-demon.

By the end of the day, the character of the gallery had changed 100%. The show looks amazing, and I’d like to publicly thank Jeanie, John and Gary for their hard work creating the work and putting the show together in the gallery.

It’s always exciting to launch a new show, and it adds another dimension to have the artists so intimately involved in the entire process. Dave Newman and Guilloume were also deeply involved in putting their shows together this Spring.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the day came when we sold a major piece by my father to a couple from Colorado, before it was even hung. We had also sold a piece for Jeanie from the show catalog the day before – not a bad way to get things rolling!

I thought readers might enjoy getting a bit of an inside view of the installation process. Below are some action shots of the show installation. You may also view the show catalog and a copy of the e-vite to the opening.

The show opens Thursday evening at Art Walk, 7-9 p.m. Join us if you can!


Front entry


Clearing the Walls


Tools of the trade


Positioning the movable walls


Gary giving the walls a fresh coat of paint


Figuring out where art will hang


Even I picked up a hammer . . .


Gary making sure things are level


Precise measurements - measure twice, hang once . . .


Jeanie giving Roger Hubbard (kinetic artist) a preview of the show


This piece sold before it was even hung!




Complicated hanging, but the wall looks great!



Coming together nicely!



John Horejs' work hung


That precisely measured wall is finished!





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