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Starving to Successful

StSBookSHave you always wondered what it takes to show your work in galleries? Is your work being seen by qualified collectors?

In his best-selling book, Xanadu Gallery owner Jason Horejs shares insights gained over a life-time in the art business.

Learn more and order today.

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  1. Catherine Walworth
  2. Carole ORR
  3. Carole ORR
  4. Meike
  5. Chris Fedderson
    • Aeon
  6. Phyllis Terrell
  7. Debra Vance
  8. Teyjah McAren
  9. Molly Larson Cook
  10. claudia roulier
  11. Tina Huston
    • RLB Hartmann
    • Chris Fedderson
  12. Elvira (vera)
  13. Gina
  14. Carolyn
  15. Stan Bowman
    • Aeon
  16. Tania Garner-Tomas
  17. Phyllis Terrell
  18. David Kish
  19. Suzanne Massion
  20. Barbara Graff
  21. Lily Smith
  22. Terry Horton
  23. Jann Pence
  24. Peter Barker

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