Art Marketing Minute | Overcoming Your Prejudices When Selling Your Art

Have you Overcome Prejudice?

What have you done to combat any prejudicial tendencies you might have toward potential buyers. What have your art-selling experiences taught you about the importance of providing great service and building relationships with everyone you encounter? Please leave your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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  1. Heather Arenas
  2. Evan
  3. phillippa kay lack
  4. Bonnie Sol Hahn
  5. Pamela Meacher
  6. Annette
  7. Pauline Dalby
  8. Stephen Baumbach
  9. Christine Conners
    • Patricia Jaggie
  10. Kate Klingensmith
  11. Stan Bowman
  12. Phyllis deQuevedo
  13. Kathy
  14. Theresa
  15. Anita Kimball
  16. Kenneth Hershenson
  17. Sherrie
    • ann
  18. Patricia Eldon
  19. Jeni Bate
  20. Janet Bergeron
  21. Jody Royee
  22. Shantel Susan
  23. Lisa
  24. Karen Lang
  25. Jeffrey Stoner
  26. Marilyn Miller
  27. Sherri Richards
  28. Miranda
  29. Michael Price
  30. BD James
  31. Theresa, again
  32. May Sheppard
  33. Tony Stenger
  34. Ernie Komarek
  35. Jackie Knott
  36. Lee Pierce
  37. Ken Church
  38. Mary
  39. Karen
  40. Joan schaller Bauer
  41. ed shott
  42. Ana Mas
    • Ana Mas
  43. Bella
  44. Gloria Cooper
  45. Christine Marx
  46. Jana Botkin
  47. Jo Gabe

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