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Art Marketing Minute | Never Pre-judge Potential Art Buyers

Art Marketing Minute | Overcoming Your Prejudices When Selling Your Art

Have you Overcome Prejudice? What have you done to combat any prejudicial tendencies you might have

Dressing for Success | Art Marketing Minute

P.S. Another important reason for dressing up, which I completely failed to mention in the video,

Take a Pause Before an Opening

Before an art show or gallery opening, take a few minutes to clear your mind and

The Challenges of Framing Art | Art Marketing Minute

Share Your Thoughts What challenges have you faced when framing your work? What advice would you

Why we Don’t Hand out Photos or Brochures in the Gallery

When I first started in the gallery business over twenty years ago, it was common practice

Art Marketing Minute Video | Creating Compelling Titles for Your Artwork

The Power of Silence in Making Art Sales | Xanadu Gallery’s Art Marketing Minute

Silence can be one of the most valuable tools in selling art. It is also one

Art Marketing Minute: My War Against the Term “Emerging Artist”

In my interactions in the art world, I frequently hear artists refer to themselves as “emerging”.

Art Marketing Minute | The Ingredients for Making an Art Sale

The Art Marketing Minute is a new Reddot feature – brief videos to give you insight