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I have long advocated the importance of creating the highest quality work in order to maximize your sales and your chances for gallery representation. A discussion of quality begins with materials. Are you investing in the highest quality materials you can obtain? Setting aside framing for two-dimensional artists and basing for three-dimensional artists, it’s critical you strive to find the best materials you can obtain for your art. I find that many artists, early on in their careers, are tempted to skimp with materials in order to save money. This is completely understandable, your material costs are a huge portion of your outlay, and often budgets are limited. The problem with skimping on materials, however, is that it has a direct impact on the marketability of your work. Gallery owners and seasoned collectors will perceive any shortcomings in the quality of the materials. Saving a few dollars on materials can actually ending up costing you in the long-run if it prevents you from finding good gallery representation or making sales.

Of course, getting the highest quality materials doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. You can often find suppliers for the materials you are using and order in bulk to save. I know artists who have created small co-operatives (sometimes with just one or two other artists) to order supplies together to spread the cost.

Please Share What you Know About Buying High Quality Art Supplies

I thought it could be helpful to set up a page where artists could share advice about where to find and how to obtain high-quality art supplies at the best value. Please leave your suggestions in the comments below. It will be helpful if you format your comment so that artists can search for the tips that would apply to them. So please first state who the advice applies to by medium, and then share your tip. For example:

OIL PAINTERS buy oil paint by the gallon and in bulk at wholesale prices. Order from

This is a real tip, by the way – this is the supplier that my father, John Horejs, uses.

Thanks for sharing your tips!


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      • Victoria Storey
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  17. Linda Mullola
  18. Daniel E. Borup
  19. David Randolph
  20. Daniel E. Borup
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  21. Keith Barnett
  22. Tiffany
    • Jeff Seenah
  23. Nicole Lemelin
  24. Sallie Wolf
  25. Judy Dunn
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