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Going the Extra Mile | How Enthusiasm Can Boost Your Art Sales

I have discussed the importance of going the extra mile in previous posts. Elaine, Xanadu Gallery’s Director, is the embodiment of providing customer service above and beyond what a collector might expect. Over the holidays we received a lead from the Scottsdale Gallery Association that several women were looking to buy a gift certificate for their parents. Elaine responded with gusto. In spite of the fact that a number of other galleries also replied, we got the order. The email we received after the parents had come in and completed the purchase helps explain why.


Hi Elaine;
So sorry for the late reply! I am just now getting caught up after the holidays.

My mom said she absolutely loved your gallery and that I made an amazing choice! I’m so happy they were able to find some peices- she also told me they’re planning on acquiring more from you. Apparently Jason measured the living room wall and they would like a large landscape for that spot. How exciting!
Thank you for all your help. I just knew as soon as you emailed me back that you were the right fit for my parents. I received over 15 responses from other galleries in Scottsdale but you were so friendly and went above and beyond in offering your services. Candice asked me how I picked galleries, and I said I just had a feeling about you. Once she spoke with you on the phone she said she understood completely!!
Thanks again for making this Christmas so memorable. I look forward to meeting you next time!


It can be difficult to maintain a high level of energy for every potential buyer. We all know that many leads end up being dead-ends. It’s tempting to become complacent. Elaine’s approach proves, however, that a positive outlook and enthusiasm can make all the difference. Every sale counts, and it behooves all of us to work with 100% of our energy 100% of the time.

I should also note that the parents ended up buying work well beyond the value of the gift certificates and have additional spaces we are working to fill.

Way to go Elaine!

How Has Enthusiasm (or Lack of Enthusiasm) Impacted Your Sales?

Have you seen enthusiasm help you make sales happen? Do you have a hard time generating excitement in the sales process? Share your experience and thoughts in the comments below.

Photo: Erie 2 | Linza | 44″ x 12″ | Acrylic / Steel

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