Introducing the RedDot Podcast!

Welcome to our new podcast! I’m excited to announce that, after years of wanting to get a podcast up and running, I’ve finally taken the plunge. Check out the first episode below, and let me know what you think in the comments!




Starving to Successful

StSBookSHave you always wondered what it takes to show your work in galleries? Is your work being seen by qualified collectors?

In his best-selling book, Xanadu Gallery owner Jason Horejs shares insights gained over a life-time in the art business.

Learn more and order today.

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  1. Julio Bordas
    • Jason Horejs
      • Sue Granskie
  2. wilson
  3. Bonnie JOHNSON
  4. Peter Adams
  5. Jeannette Stutzman
  6. Lori Woodward
  7. Laureen Marchand
  8. Susan Frommer
  9. michele
  10. Donna
  11. Helen Rietz
  12. Bruce Hedges
  13. Norval Watson
  14. Lauralee Franco
  15. Jeannie McGuire
  16. Patrice Mitchell
  17. Carl R. Evans
  18. Vicki P. Maguire
  19. Jackie Knott
  20. Ed McCarthy
  21. Mary Montague Sikes
  22. Henry Jensen
  23. Jacob Medina
  24. Susan Wakefield
  25. Kevin Doberstein
  26. Pam Orren
  27. Mason Parker
  28. Jennifer Love
  29. Cathy Weiss
  30. Petronella
  31. Sonja Caywood
  32. Marilyn Johnson
  33. Betty Jo Costanzo
  34. Graham Wilder
  35. Carole Malcolm
  36. Catherine Holland
  37. Sue
  38. Wil McClaren
  39. Hannah Hunter
  40. Mason Parker
  41. Carole
  42. Andrea Cook
  43. Sandra Murphy

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