London Art Gallery Showcases Art from Instagram

Instagram is a fun, image-based social media platform that is popular with young people, but could it also be a place to show and market art to collectors?

The major difference between Instagram and other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is the fact that it is so visual. Because every post involves pictures or videos, people who use Instagram are looking for visuals that are eye-catching and interesting.

Because of its focus on visual media, Instagram offers a unique advantage to artists and galleries, which has been recognized by a central London gallery.

Unit London, a gallery started by two London artists, just finished a three-week exhibition featuring  artists whose work has been posted by a popular Instagram account called Avant Arte.

The gallery worked with Avant Arte to curate a unique mix of artwork featured on the Instagram account. The 16 artists are from all over the world, according to an article about the show from Artnet.

The gallery itself has always relied on social media, including Instagram, to reach collectors. According to a quote in the Artnet article from Jonny Burt, one of the gallery owners, the gallery makes about 50 percent of its sales online.

Unit London states on their website that the exhibition’s goal is to “offer Avant Arte’s 400,000 followers a rare opportunity to see the art they have discovered online on the walls and floors of the central London gallery.”

The New York Times also recently published an article about Instagram’s impact on the art world. According to the article, Instagram is rising as a powerful tool for marketing art, especially to the younger generation of art buyers.

What do you think?

Do you use Instagram to market your art? Do you think Instagram has the potential to be successful art marketing tool?

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