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Not So Starving Artist of the Week: Leona Webb

Leona Webb

Leona Webb

This week we congratulate Michigan “Starving” to Successful workshop participant Leona Webb. Leona is a professional photographer who has been creating art for the last 25 years. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, with a Master’s Degree in Student Personnel Services with an emphasis in Human Resource Management.

Leona uses a professional Nikon Film Camera and specializes in black and white photography. When asked where she gets her inspiration, Leona replied, “from all that is beautiful surrounding me – and from my mother, who was very artistically talented and a source of encouragement.” She has emulated the work of Ansel Adams since a very young age, when she would study his prints each time she went to the dentist. About Ansel’s work she explained, ” They were classic and so dependent upon lighting, texture and angles. I loved the idea of black and white.”

black-white-classic car-10

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