Quick Poll: Did your Family and Friends Discourage You From Becoming an Artist?

I recently read an article about Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines and serial entrepreneur, where he talked about the reluctance many people feel when trying to decide whether to leave steady employment to begin a new business venture. Comments on the article included many references to the added challenge of having friends and family members who discouraged taking the risk of starting a new business.

When my wife Carrie and I decided to start Xanadu Gallery in 2001, we were very fortunate to have moral and financial support from family members. Their encouragement had a huge impact on our ability to get the gallery off the ground. Even more important, their ongoing support through the difficult early years and the recession that began in 2007 were crucial in helping us keep the business going.

Branson’s article got me thinking about the challenge it is for an artist to take the plunge and pursue art full time, and it made me wonder how big a factor family members and friends were in the decision making process. I’ve certainly heard stories of young artists being discouraged from pursuing art as a profession.

Which leads me to a quick poll. Did the people closest to you, your family and friends, encourage or discourage your pursuit of art as a profession? Vote in the poll below, and then share your experiences or thoughts on the influence friends or family have had on your pursuit of your art – please share your thoughts in the comments below.

How supportive were family and friends when you considered pursuing art as a career?

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  1. Matteo
  2. Lawrence Lee
  3. Kamilla White
  4. Jenifer Oberle
  5. Martha Weaver
    • Ellen Fountain
    • Poo Wright-Pulliam
    • Antoinette A Dietkus
      • Martha Weaver
    • Valeriya Khomar
  6. Terence Horton
    • Lynne
  7. Michelle Marcotte
    • Pamela York
  8. Rebecca Sobin
  9. Alison Saunders
  10. Rhona LK Schonwald
  11. Theresa
  12. David Randall
  13. Beth MacLaren
  14. Poo Wright-Pulliam
  15. Keena
  16. Glenys Takala
  17. Tania Garner-Tomas
  18. Mila Renault
  19. Barbara Ferrier
    • Lynne
  20. Matt J. Harline
  21. Molly Larson Cook
  22. Becca Lemon
  23. Cate Kauffman
  24. Carol Colin
    • Cindy
      • Richard Mittelstadt
        • Cindy Douglass
  25. Kathy Bohn
  26. Karen Thumm
  27. D Gaillard
  28. Barry Gordon
  29. Wendy Prest
  30. Catherine Jeffrey
  31. Laurel J Hanson
  32. Linda Star Landon
  33. Evan Degenfelder
  34. Joyce
  35. Marsha McDonald
    • Barbara John Calvo
  36. Sharon Nelson
  37. Jackie Knott
    • Catherine Hiolland
    • Rosemary Craig
  38. Andrew Bennett
  39. Stephen Carpenter
  40. Chris Busch
  41. Mike Palmer
  42. Jody Ahrens
  43. Georgia Anderson
  44. Catherine Hiolland
  45. Claudia Stewart
  46. Adam Millward
  47. Scott
    • JD
  48. Mary
  49. JD
    • Annemiek
  50. Deborah Eater
  51. Daniel D. Teoli Jr.
    • Daniel D. Teoli Jr.
  52. Lisa
  53. B/RAB
  54. Wendy Rogers

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