RedDot Podcast | Episode 012 | Supply, Demand, and Art Pricing

In this week’s episode we’ll explore how the laws of supply and demand effect the art market and art pricing. Will lowering prices increase your sales? What should you do when your art is selling faster than you can produce it? When are you justified in raising your prices? Find out in this week’s podcast! Read more about the how to sell your art and understand the art market by visiting our blog at



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Share Your Thoughts and Experiences on Supply, Demand, and Pricing

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  1. Jennifer Love
    • Helena Kuttner-Giasson
    • Judy
    • Jason Horejs
  2. Helena Kuttner-Giasson
    • Jason Horejs
  3. Jan Stiles
    • Jason Horejs
  4. Lori Woodward
    • Jason Horejs
      • Lori Woodward
  5. Norma Torti
    • Jason Horejs
  6. Jeff Mathison
    • Jason Horejs
  7. Bobby Smashey
  8. Stephen Carpenter
  10. Terri Symington
  11. Kelly Sooter
  12. Christina Plichta
    • Vicki
  13. Terry Horton
  14. Dell Eddins
  15. Frances Topping
  16. Dean Andrews
  17. betty jo costanzo
  18. Carolyn Dix
  19. Sharon Coulson Downes
  20. Steve Kobb
  21. Doris
  22. Lawrence Lee
  23. Lawrence Lee
  24. Laurie Moore

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