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Today I would like to introduce a new feature, reader profiles, which I hope to make a regular part of RedDot.

From the beginning of RedDotBlog in 2009, I’ve worked to provide helpful, interesting, and entertaining content for professionals in the art world. I find, however, that what makes the blog truly dynamic and useful are the comments from readers. Your perspectives and experience enrich and elevate the content of our posts.

And so, I would like to take this opportunity to turn the spotlight on you, the reader! In this new feature I will interview an artist, share images of their work and point you to their website where you can see more.

There are two related questions that are going to pop into your head right away as you read these profiles. First, you’ll ask “how did you select the featured artist?” and then, “how do I get featured?!”

I’m glad you asked! We have to be very careful to avoid a flood of requests to be featured from the thousands and thousands of artists, gallery owners and designers who read RedDot. We are hand selecting artists from among those who provide insightful/helpful comments on the site. We will be looking over comments not only from current articles, but from past articles as well.

It would be impossible for us to feature every reader who has commented (or at least it would take a very long time!) Our process for selecting from among readers will vary. We want to share insights into a wide range of artist’s and gallery owner’s careers and lives.

So, while I can’t share exactly how featured readers will be selected, I can share what would disqualify you: Requesting Selection! Please don’t email me or my staff with a request to be featured, and please don’t make comments on the blog with the sole intent of catching our attention. Please trust us that we’ll strive to find the most interesting readers possible, and that, even if we don’t select you to feature in the near future, you’ll gain insight from the readers we do select.

With that, I hope you will enjoy our first profile of Kay Stratman!

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  1. claudia roulier
  2. Dune-Micheli Patten
  3. Annette Taunton
  4. Helen Rietz
  5. Melanie Hollis O'Keefe
  6. Deedee Alexandre
  7. Brian Billings
  8. Sandra Murphy
  9. Suzanne Shelden
  10. Carol Rondinelli
  11. Shawna Barnes
  12. Carole Lussier
  13. james comrie
  14. Carol Irving
  15. Dennis Sheil
  16. Sarah Barnaby
  17. Susan Klinger
  18. Lisa
  19. Lynde
  20. Susanne
  21. Sonja Caywood
  22. Martina Marsella
  23. Enda Bardell
  24. Joanie
  25. Judith H Jordan

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