Ringling Museum Installation Mimics Artists’ Synesthesia

Pathless Woods is a lively art installation at The Ringling Museum in Florida that combines color, light, and sound to create a very unique experience. Hyperallergic recently featured an article about the piece and how it imitates synesthesia, “a cognitive condition that causes the synesthete to conflate one sense for another, for example to taste colors, or perceive certain letters to light up or have personalities.”

The piece is a large installation that was created specifically for the space at The Ringling, according to Hyperallergic. It consists of around 24 miles of colorful ribbons suspended from the ceiling, video projections created by Adam Larsen, scents by Beau Rhee, and an orchestral piece, “The Garden of Cosmic Speculation,” by Michael Gandolfi. It is art that can be experienced by almost all of the senses at once, which gives visitors a peek into the world of people who experience synesthesia.

The artist, Anne Patterson, is synesthetic. She told Hyperallergic that music makes her see shapes and colors and that she connects numbers to “genders, personalities, and even clothing.” When she is creating art, she often makes use of this.

As she was creating Pathless Woods, Patterson listened to music and responded to it by choosing projected images and colors for the ribbon. Many volunteers from the community helped to install the piece in the museum.

Pathless Woods will be on display at The Ringling until April 26, according to the installation’s page on The Ringling’s website.

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