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Xanadu Book Club Meeting is Tuesday, July 17th, 6:00 p.m. PDT – Join us even if you didn’t read the book

Post image for Virtual Book Club: Lee Krasner | a BiographyXanadu
Gallery’s online book club meeting is
Tuesday, July
17, 2012.

the name “Jackson Pollock” and you will likely get a glint of
recognition from even the artistically uninitiated, but mention the
name of his wife and widow, Lee Krasner, and even some well-versed art
lovers will shrug. While Krasner was a force in bringing Pollock’s work
to the fore of the mid-century art scene,  few realize she was
a powerful and important artist in her own right.

lead a fascinating life, pursuing a life in art at a time when
extremely few could expect to make it as a fine artist. She studied
with some of the most important artists of the pre-war era in New York
City, and interacted with all of the important Abstract Expressionist
figures. A controversial personality, many felt she bullied her way
into the modern art market and used Pollock’s estate to find venues for
her own work, Krasner had a powerful and lasting impact on the market
for American art. Krasner is arguably one of the most important women
artists in American history, and certainly opened the door form many
female artists who followed her.

us  Tuesday for a discussion of Gail Levin’s book on Krasner
we will discuss the artist’s life and work.  We’ve received
feedback from many readers who found inspiration for their own art
vocation in Krasner’s story. We will talk about the challenges she
faced, and those that artists continue to face – you’ll be inspired by
Krasner’s fortitude and persistence.

Even if you didn’t read
the book you will enjoy our discussion and you are invited to join the
book club meeting by clicking the registration link below. Registration
and participation are free.

Register Now

Start Time

can be a bit confusing because of the various time zones of
participants. Remember, there will be one session and it will begin at:

9:00 p.m. if you are in the Eastern Time Zone
8:00 p.m. Central
7:00 p.m. Mountain
6:00 p.m. Arizona
6:00 p.m. Pacific


you are unable to attend for any reason or miss any of the session, we
will be recording the session and will post it to
the recording is available (we'll email registered participants as

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