How did Xanadu Gallery’s Mentorship Impact You?

Though my mentorship with Carolee Clark will be ongoing, it’s time to begin a new Mentorship for the 2014-2015 season.

When we developed the mentorship program, I had no way of knowing how it would work out. I wanted to work one-on-one with an artist to help work through the challenges an artist faces in dealing with the business side of their art career. I had no idea how effective this kind of interaction could be. We decided to make the mentorship broadcasts public so that other artists could follow along – again, I had no idea how  well the broadcast aspect of the program would work.

In short, the entire experience went better than I could have possibly imagined. Not only was it great working with Carolee Clark, but a community sprang up around the mentorship where the artists who were following along were able to interact with me, with Carolee, and with one another. I’ve had great feedback from participating artists, and our opening for Carolee was a great success.

Now, I would like to ask those of you who participated to share what you thought of the experience. I would love to hear the impact Xanadu’s mentorship had on you and your art business, and what you thought of the experience.

Please leave your thoughts, comments and testimonials in the comments section below. Please note that I may quote you in promoting the next Mentorship. Thanks in advance for your feedback on the Xanadu Mentorship program!


Carolee Clark Opening | April 2014

Early-Bird sign-up for the 2014-2015 Mentorship

If you would like to apply for the upcoming mentorship, please navigate to: . The Mentorship application process will officially open on Monday, May 12, but as a previous participant, you can register early.


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  1. Patricia Coulter
  2. Tina Huston
  3. Judy Dunn
  4. Denise Cunniff
  5. Sharon Lynn Williams
  6. Kathryn Weisberg
  7. Terrye J Philley
  8. Laurie G. Miller
  9. Marny Lawton
  10. Marsha Clements
  11. Lorna Strotz
  12. April Rimpo
  13. Barbara Peterson
  14. Alison Philpotts
  15. Brian Billings
  16. Cathy Carey
  17. David M. Kessler
  18. Sharon Guy
  19. Norma Moore
  20. Douglas Fischer
  21. Barbara Lipkin
  22. Yvette Lantz
  23. Valerie McMullen
  24. Sharon Sieben
  25. Victoria
  26. Diana Tripp
  27. Deborah Kommalan
  28. Cinda Sue Dow
  29. Christofer Aven
  30. Connie Rodriguez
  31. Constance Patterson
  32. Guenevere Schwien
    • Jason Horejs
  33. kathryn
  34. Lucy Dickens
  35. Jo Castillo
  36. Kelly Dombrowski
  37. Nina Baldwin
  38. April Howland
  39. Melissa Woodburn
  40. Melissa Woodburn

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