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Social media has woven its place into our personal and business lives. Facebook, with its enormous user base, is a tempting target for advertisers, including visual artists. The question many artists have is can they make advertising on Facebook work for them?

On Tuesday, February 10, art marketing experts and co-presenters, Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery and publisher of and Barney Davey, author of numerous art marketing books, and publisher of will jump into the topic of how artists can use advertising on Facebook to help them grow their businesses and sell more art.

Their goal with this broadcast is to help you understand how you can advertise on Facebook, including what you can expect from your efforts, and give you tips to avoid problems and get the most from Facebook advertising.

About the Author: Jason Horejs

Jason Horejs is the Owner of Xanadu Gallery, author of best selling books "Starving" to Successful & How to Sell Art , publisher of, and founder of the Art Business Academy. Jason has helped thousands of artists prepare themselves to more effectively market their work, build relationships with galleries and collectors, and turn their artistic passion into a viable business.


  1. Considering the recent algorithm changes at Facebook, do you think it is possible for an artist to use a “Business” page on Facebook successfully without having to pay for advertising? Thanks in advance, susan

  2. My question is similar to Susan’s. I have had success selling by posting recently finished pieces on Facebook, but have yet to try posting a work for sale with a link to the “buy” page on my website – I heard that’s a no-no unless you buy advertising. And I’m not sure who that advertising would go to…
    Thanks for all you do for the artist community!
    Elaine Allen,

  3. I have a business page on FB for my art and a personal profile where I ‘share’ my art postings. I am careful about using too much salesmanship on my personal profile so as not to lose ‘friends’. Your thoughts?

  4. Really need this so looking forward to it. Can you go through some basics about setting up a business page. I started the process some time back but got bogged down in confusion and never took time to go back and figure it all out. I set it up from my personal page but it’s gone no further and I’ve never posted anything so need help!

  5. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see the live broadcast of Marketing on Facebook, and am hoping for a rerun later on your site
    Thank you,

  6. Looking forward to seeing how Facebook compares to Twitter in terms of relevance in today’s art market. What are the common price points for pieces that sell on Facebook.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  7. On Saturday I participated in your Get into Galleries and Sell More Art workshop. Today is Monday and you’re offering a new one! Thank you Jason for sharing your knowledge and experience!

  8. Jason, your talks are always very enlightening. I was told that anything posted on facebook disclaimer or not could be copied. Is this the case? I am seeing that a lot of artists have a business pg. I’d like to have one, will you address how to do that, set it up, post photos etc.

    Thanks a Million.

  9. I am a beginner at Facebook and need some basic information. Definitions for personal pages vs. business pages vs. fan pages. Thank you for all your helpful information. I enjoy being on your mailing list.

  10. Great topic! I have some concerns about marketing with Facebook, besides the fact that they are in control of what you can do with the template on your profile page. Most of what I would like to do does not fit their website template. There is not a lot of creativity for the artist.

  11. Looking forward to it! I am an artist and also have a gallery wit some friends so am looking to learn all I can. I will not be able to attend live but certainly intend to watch later. Thank you

  12. Does FB control how many embedded links I can use on my page? Is it a good idea to link all the galleries that carry my work with my FB page?

  13. Jason, I wondered about the wisdom of making public who your collectors are on FB. FB gives such ready access to friends of friends…. The transparency has its ups, but don’t artists risk giving away the identities of their collectors, and having their fellow artist aquaintances or rivals approach and market to those collectors directly as well?

    1. Thank you for such a great blog. I am with Barney on the stumbling around with a personal page and later starting a business page. I try to steer the people that friend me as an artist over to my business page when I can – but there is a lot of overlap between the two. I have over 400 friends on my personal page, most of whom I do not know. Because of this, I try to be careful what I post on my personal page. Not just in regards to personal photos of my kids and such – but politics. I try to avoid politics and controversial or hot subjects (for example, wolves). Living in a conservative state like Montana – and me being pretty liberal minded – I don’t want to make potential buyers angry or get into a political argument. When I have a new piece of art to post, I will put it on both, in addition to art groups whose groups fit with the piece. I highly recommend joining groups to other artists. Every time I post a new piece of art in the different groups, I will pick up another ‘friend’ or two and additional ‘likes’ on my business page. I have not delved into serious advertising yet – although I am thinking the time to do so is here. I have had some sales from my facebook pages without advertising. Mostly small pieces and such. This year I decided to make some wall calendars focusing on my grizzly bear pieces. Having never made calendars before, I put in a fairly small order and put a post up on my facebook page letting people on my friends list know that I was doing calendars and they could pre-order. I had them sold out in less than 24 hours and put in a second order, which also sold out within days. Also, when people started receiving their calendars and leaving comments about how much they loved them on my personal page, I had several people who commented that they were disappointed because they hadn’t seen my post about making calendars. The calendars were sold almost entirely to people who are facebook friends – so the potential IS there for sales. I am ready to start investing a little bit into advertising – and really appreciated the common sense suggestions in this blog. Thank you

  14. Hi Jason – always learn a ton from your broadcasts. My question is how can an artist reach via Facebook – potential art collectors who are of a certain demographic – my target market? For example 90% of the art I sell is to single women, ages 40-65 – who have recently experienced a major life change – which can be anything from celebrating a job promotion to a divorce or the loss of a spouse. I’m coming to the conclusion that my “broody, yet peaceful” tonalist work matches what they are going through.


  16. Hi Jason,
    Thanks for the information, but I’d like to let you know that for some reason I
    am receiving two of these Red-Dot blogs at the same time & of the same subject.
    Can you correct that?
    Thanks, Betty

  17. Great food for thought and action. I love the sense of community I have built using my Facebook business page. Marketing in this way feels pretty natural to me, however I have yet to see it translate effectively into sales. Still trying to determine why that is. I think one reason is that I will tell people “Here’s my newest painting” but I should be adding, “and it’s for sale.” I follow a lot of other artists on FB and often assume for some reason that paintings they are sharing are unavailable (already sold, earmarked for galleries or juried shows). So just saying, “You could buy this” is a tactic I think I should be using more.

  18. I have been trying to inspire sales of my work via Facebook for a couple of years now. I recently added an Epson 4900 Commercial Printer to my Studio . That is beginning to show a difference. I just sold my 1st SET of prints to a collector who is an avid follower of mine. She feels she’s gotten to know me ,and so I agree that FB gives people a chance to get to know you before they begin to collect your work. I know that makes a difference & that people do want to build a relationship with you as an Artist before they will buy ! It’s been a frustrating exercise, but I’m hopeful about beginning to breakthrough. I have a LOT to learn and You & Barney are my guides in that venture. I just ordered your Book , Jason – “Starving to Successful ” and I’m looking forward to getting it! ! I’m in the midst of reading Barney’s Guerrilla Marketing book ! I’m growing as an Artist, but especially as a businessman, because of your help! I’m extremely grateful !

  19. I listened to the broadcast about Facebook. I am doing a test ad for $25 and 5 days. Within 2 days I’ve had 25 click throughs to my website from the ad. I was impressed on how easy I was able to drill down to specifics on the demographics. It’s too soon to tell about conversion rates. I’ve had no inquiries yet.

  20. Hi Jason.
    My question is this. I know you said that Facebook should lead to your web site. I don’t have a web site. I just opened, however, an Etsy store. If I have an Etsy store, Paintcrazy Designs, should I still have a separate web site?

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