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Crew Dragon puts art in space
Human Kind joins art we've put in space
Human Kind by Tristan Eaton
Image from Artnet News

The recent success of the SpaceX Crew Dragon’s launch has been an exciting development for the American space program. After nine years without launching manned space crafts from the United States, we’ve finally done it. But astronauts weren’t the only passengers aboard the craft. For the mission, SpaceX commissioned street artist Tristan Eaton to create small pieces of art that, according to an article by Artnet News, are “indestructible” to go up to the astronauts on the ISS. The series of plates, entitled Human Kind, will join the exclusive group of art pieces we’ve put in space.

The History of Art in Space

When we think about objects we’ve sent into space, most of us probably call up mental images of rovers, the American flag on the moon, or maybe even Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster, but art has been going to space almost as long as we have. Check out this video, which gives a brief history of art we’ve sent into and created in space.

Does It Make Sense to Send Art Out There?

Most artists want people to see their art, so why the obsession with getting art out of Earth’s atmosphere, where so few human beings travel? Something about sharing our human identity outside of our planet has appealed to us since our first launches, and art is a major part of that identity. Does the idea of sending your art to space appeal to you?

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