Art Museums Reopen with Precautions

Face masks and other precautions as art museums reopen

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is leading the way as large art museums reopen in the United States. But with continuing concerns about the pandemic, the experience might be a little different.

Art galleries (including Xanadu) have already started to reopen in some areas, implementing careful cleaning and social distancing procedures. Art museums, which generally host larger crowds, are moving a little slower as they plan safe reopenings.

What to Expect as Art Museums Reopen

According to The New York Times, reopening for Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts has involved face masks, timed tickets, and temperature checks with thermal imaging devices.

If you were to visit this museum, and likely many other large art museums that will eventually follow its example, you would wait outside in areas taped off to maintain social distancing until the time slot on your ticket. After going through the temperature check, you could wander through much like you normally would. Except you’d be masked and have about “studio apartment’s worth of space,” as NYT puts it.

A Slow Return to a New Normal

It’s hard to tell how widespread these kinds of procedures will be or how long they will last, but hopefully they will give museums across the United States opportunities to safely resume their operations.

What is the status of art galleries and museums in your area?

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