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From a recent email conversation:

Thank you Jason.  I enjoyed the webinar workshop.  Thanks for addressing my question!

I do have a follow-up question about the situation with the couple interested in my work at the gallery.   The couple who asked the price for a fiber piece of mine in the gallery, but then walked away and didn’t say anything after I told them, called a few weeks later to ask my husband and I to come to their house for drinks.  This was in April.  We had met them once before they came to the gallery so we knew them beforehand.   Unfortunately we were on our way back home to Wisconsin and had left AZ, so we couldn’t go.  We will probably see them again when we return next winter, but in the meantime what would be appropriate to do to stay in touch and keep them interested in my artwork?  Is it too bold of a move to bring up and mention the piece of artwork they were interested in at the gallery?  How do I find out about their concerns and why they didn’t want it?  Just ask?  I appreciate your response!

Thank you,

Jane H.

Jane – thanks for attending and for the follow up piece – I think when I answered your question I didn’t realize it was your piece they were interested in. I would definitely follow up – could you send them a photo of the piece, along with size, price and info about the background? A good way to gauge their continuing interest in the piece would be to ask what space they are considering for the piece in their home. Their answer to this question will let you know if they are seriously interested or if they were just asking for conversation’s sake.

Don’t be afraid to be persistent when you get a sense of their interest – and if you find they aren’t particularly interested, don’t hesitate to spend some time educating them about the piece and trying to create the interest.


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