[Updated: Timing Uncertain] Join Xanadu Gallery for an Online Interview with Gail Levin

In conjunction with our upcoming book club reading of Lee Krasner, A Biography, I am pleased to announce an interview with Gail Levin, the author of the book. Ms. Levin will be joining me for a live interview where we will discuss the writing of the book and what she learned about this fascinating artist.

[Update: Call Now Closed] Call For Art – Client Seeking Sculpture for Niche

THIS CALL FOR ART IS NOW CLOSED – WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT ADDITIONAL IMAGES. We are working with a client in Scottsdale who is seeking a sculpture for his…

Virtual Book Club: Lee Krasner | a Biography [Date Updated]

  Xanadu Gallery’s online book club will next meet on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. PDT. Our selection will be Gail Levin’s recent biography of Lee Krasner. I visited the…

Irving Blum Interview re Roy Lichtenstein’s Sleeing Girl – Via Sotheby’s

Watch a brief, extremely well-produced interview with legendary LA art dealer Irving Blum as he discusses discovering Roy Lichtenstein and giving him his first LA show.

Xanadu Book Club Recording Now Available: de Kooning | An American Master

We recently held our book club meeting to discuss the latest reading selection “de Kooning | An American Master” by Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan. If you missed the session you can now download and watch the recording.

Report from de Kooning Retrospective Show, MoMA

When we decided to read de Kooning | An American Master for our book club  several months ago, it happened to coordinate with the MoMA retrospective show for the artist….

To Title, or not to Title, That is the Question

Last week I received an email from an artist asking about titling her work. This is one of the more common topics I discuss with artists. I understand that titling your artwork can become tiresome, and many artists feel that a title can get in the way of the artwork.

Do titles really matter? Can the wrong title prevent you from selling your artwork? Can the right title guarantee a sale? While the issue may seem like a minor one, it is an issue you will be dealing with constantly over the course of your career.

I am an advocate of titling artwork, and I feel titling deserves investment of time and thought – from my perspective in the gallery I see that titles matter to potential buyers.

Read my conversation thread with the artist below, and then share your thoughts about titles in the comments below. How do you feel about titles? How do you come up with your titles? Your experience input and opinion are of tremendous value in adding to the collective knowledge available to other artists who read the blog.

De Kooning Discussion

Xanadu’s book club meeting for De Kooning | An American Master will be held this Tuesday, April 10th at 6:00 p.m. Pacific (6 AZ, 7 MDT, 8 CDT, 9 EDT).

Even if you didn’t read the book you can listen in on our discussion of this influential, enigmatic, difficult and brilliant artist.

Ask A Gallery Owner | Pricing, Framing and Approaching Galleries

I recently received an email from an artist who had taken my workshop on working with galleries several months ago and am posting his question along with my response here….

Anatomy of a Show | Dave Newman 2012

We have hosted shows for Dave Newman every year since 2008 and this last week we wrapped up our fourth show. The shows have become more elaborate over the years, and have also become more successful. I thought it would be interesting to share step by step what we did to create this show, analyze what worked (and what didn’t) and talk a little about what we might do next year for the show to make it even more successful.