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PLEASE NOTE  – This Call for Art originates from a public art program, not Xanadu Gallery. Submissions and questions should be made according to their instructions below.  Comments and questions left on this page will not be seen by the public art program.






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Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center Expansion
16601 N. Pima Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Art Project Budget: up to $375,000
Application Deadline: September 10 (midnight MST)

The Scottsdale Public Art Program is accepting qualifications from artists for an opportunity to create an iconic sculptural artwork for the premier, nationally recognized, user friendly equestrian center and special events facility of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Capital Project and Site Description: The Scottsdale City Council has approved an expansion of the Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center at WestWorld. The project expands, encloses and provides climate control the Equidome at WestWorld in order to accommodate events year-round. It is the project’s intent that the new shows and expanded existing shows will create additional exhibitors and audience participants. WestWorld’s historic success is grounded in its equestrian events. Each of the past few years, more than 70 equestrian events, utilizing over 247 use days have taken place with some 220,000 attendees. Today, the equestrian function of WestWorld is complemented by an increasing number of non-equestrian events ranging from dog shows to auto auctions. All the events, equestrian and other, provide great financial benefits to the community as well as contribute to Scottsdale’s cache. Producers of many new equestrian shows have expressed strong interest in coming to WestWorld if a larger, climate-controlled arena was available. In addition, producers for some of the current shows would like to add new shows and possibly expand the number days of their existing shows when a larger, enclosed WestWorld arena becomes available. The expansion will make this possible. The expansion will also add 40,000 square feet of space to host special events at the facility. The expanded equidome will become the new home to the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction and will eventually replace the temporary tent structure that currently hosts the Barrett-Jackson auction and other events. The expansion of the Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center (equidome) will be funded by Municipal Property Corporation (MPC) Bonds. The principal and interest payment for the bonds will be made via WestWorld operating revenue, an allocation of bed taxes and third party contributions. Private fund commitments have been made by the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona, the Arizona Quarter Horse Association and the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company. Project construction commenced in April 2012. It will be build in phases so that events may occur during a portion of the construction work. Expected completion is Fall 2013.

Artwork Scope and Project Description: The art for this project should reflect, animate and embody the character of WestWorld with charisma and grace. It can be, but need not be, figurative. The resulting artwork for this project should draw in the visitor. It is envisioned as a three dimensional artwork and a compelling site specific landmark, wherein the visitor will desire to have his snapshot taken and tell his/her friends and acquaintances about. The artwork can be singular or a series of related work. The artwork, whether singular or a series, will be located in the plaza being designed to the north of the entry to the Equidome and to the east of the North Hall. Within the plaza is a public restroom and auctioneer building. Adjacent to this facility is a landscaped area where the artwork will be placed. Currently the area is designated as 40’x20’, but there is flexibility within the landscaped area to make adjustments for the artwork. The project budget is up to $375,000. This budget at a minimum includes all artist fees, artwork design, coordination with the capital project team, structural engineering, lighting design, fabrication of artwork, installation of artwork including any required foundation, and installation of lighting. Other landscape elements may be covered under the capital project budget but this is dependent on actual design. SPA staff is able to provide general contracting and installation oversight of lighting elements and some

Selection Process & Timeline: An artist-selection panel will be convened to evaluate artist’s submissions (8-12 images of past work, artist statement and resume/CV). Upon this review the selection panel will request proposals from up to five recommended semi-finalists. A proposal honorarium will be offered to semi-finalists in the amount of $2500. The selection panel will reconvene and review the proposals and will invite finalists for interview and public presentation of the proposal A travel and presentation honorarium will be offered to finalists in an amount TBD. Initial selection criteria include: the applicant’s professional qualifications; proven ability to undertake projects of a similar scope; artistic merit as evidenced by the submitted materials; and demonstrated ability to work with government agencies, engineers, design teams and the public in the creation of an art work.
art elements. The selection process will commence in mid September with the first meeting of the selection panel. The proposals deadline from recommended semi-finalists will be early November, with review of the proposals by the selection panel following shortly thereafter. Recommended finalists will interview and participate in the public presentation of their proposal in early December. A contract will be negotiated for the approved artist by late December. Design completion shall commence immediately thereafter, with plans for all infasturcture due in April 2013. Installation and project completion is targeted for Summer 2013. All dates are subject to change.

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  1. i work in fiberglass over over a steel and wire armature much like working with paper mache i do mostly large figures.i try to catch moment of event with out a lot of detail the jester of the figure is the prime component.l

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