Call for Art: New Mexico Spaceport America [$200,000]

PLEASE NOTE  – This Call for Art originates from a public art program, not Xanadu Gallery. Submissions and questions should be made according to their instructions below.  Comments and questions left on this page will not be seen by the public art program.

Project Summary

New Mexico Arts Art in Public Places (AIPP) program and the Local Selection Committee at New Mexico Spaceport Authority (NMSA) seek an experienced public artist to participate as part of the design team for the public art project at Spaceport America. In collaboration with the design team, the selected artist will create integrated artwork for the Spaceport America Visitor Center, known as Spaceport Central, and/or the surrounding landscape.

New Mexico Arts requests qualifications from professional public artists demonstrating a level of experience that is commensurate with the project scope and budget. Up to five finalists will be selected for an interview. From the group of finalists, one artist or artist team will be invited to join the design team.

NMSA recognizes collaborating with an artist on the design team as a valuable opportunity to integrate artwork into the facility and its surroundings. Spaceport America is a place where the world is offered an invitation to space and where the spirit to innovate, create and inspire thrives. The Local Selection Committee seeks to commission interactive artwork that encourages exploration, shares a vocabulary with existing and future architecture, and preserves the scenic value of the viewshed.


Project Background

In the early 1990s, the Southwest Space Task Force formed to promote the State of New Mexico as a location to develop and FAA-approved spaceport. The Office for Space Commercialization was established by the New Mexico legislature in 1994, and in June of that year the parcel of state land that would eventually become the site of Spaceport America was identified.

Legislation for the State of New Mexico to finance the spaceport passed in 2005, and initial launch operations began in 2006. Spaceport America is expected to complete its $209 million construction in 2013.

Spaceport Central will be a 17,000 + square-foot facility where guests will receive an immersive and entertaining learning experience about the next generation of spaceflight in a hands-on, dynamic environment, full of authentic opportunities to participate, learn and discover.

The goals of the visitor experience are to:
Become commercially successful, maximizing local economic development;

Provide immersive, “edutaining” activities;

Offer retail and dining opportunities;

Build community partnership through cross-marketing of local businesses and school co/curricular integration.

Projected Project Schedule

NMSA is using a public-private partnership business model for development and construction of Spaceport Central. NMSA contracted with IDEAS to design the facilities and exhibits. Construction will be financed by the developer and NMSA will lease the facilities from the developer. Site mobilization and construction could begin as early as January 2013 and Spaceport Central is projected to be open to the public in December 2013, when Virgin Galactic begins flying tourists to the edge of space on suborbital trips.

Visit for more information about Spaceport America.


Public Art Intent & Goals

The Art in Public Places Program enriches New Mexico’s public spaces through an innovative and diverse public art collection. Our goal is to reflect the diversity of the arts in New Mexico, the Southwest, and the nation while building a dynamic public art collection for the State of New Mexico. The artwork for this project will be located in a publically accessible location and integrated with the architectural design and programmatic use of the facility. The goal of this specific public art project is to select an artist who will, in collaboration with the design team, design artwork that:

  • Is dynamic, visually engaging, and adds to the visitor’s experience by encouraging exploration;
  • Strengthens the values of Spaceport America by inspiring creativity and innovation;
  • Preserves the scenic value of the viewshed;
  • Can be appreciated from Earth and from space;
  • Contributes to the local, regional and national dialogue on contemporary art;
  • Complements the context of Spaceport America’s architecture and operations; and
  • Enriches and diversifies the State of New Mexico’s public art collection.


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