Client Testimonials – Worth Their Weight In Gold

We recently received this note and the photo above from a client who purchased and donated a major sculpture to a hospital in his home area:

Just wanted to let you know what a sensation the sculpture has been. Please let Gary Price know that it is in constant ‘use’ in front of the Einstein Medical Center Montgomery. The hospital, recognized as the third most beautiful in America, is very hard edged and maybe a little scary to some. The relaxed and welcoming Einstein changes all of that. It has its own facebook page (go to groups then einsteinlove) besides screen savers and constant ‘selfies’. The piece has added much pleasure and excitement to the hospital staff in whose honor it is dedicated.

Please let me know if Gary ever comes east near our area.

Thank you,
Bruce M

Beyond being extremely gratifying to know that we’ve facilitated an installation that has such a positive impact, this kind of testimonial from a client is tremendously valuable. Think of the power this short testimonial will have when someone is considering a similar purchase.

Ask for Testimonials

I would urge you to ask for testimonials from clients who buy work directly from you, and encourage your galleries to collect testimonials from their clients and share them with you.

Asking for a testimonial can be very simple. Be sure and get your client’s email address, and then, about a month after any sale, send a follow-up note to the effect of:


Thank you again for your purchase of the Albert Einstein bench. Now that you’ve had it in place for a month, I would love to hear what people are saying about him. Would you mind shooting me an email with a photo of the piece in place and any reaction you’ve heard and what you’ve felt about the work? I would love to share your thoughts with the artist and with others considering adding a Gary Price bench to their collection.

Thank you!

Obviously you would have to adapt the note to fit the situation of the sale, but you can send a similar simple note about even the smallest sales.

Not everyone will respond, but you’ll be amazed at the great things your clients will say about your work.

Giving Your Work A Social Media Following

The note from our client also points to another great social media marketing idea. By creating a Facebook group and asking people to share their own photos, the sculpture has taken on a life of it’s own. For major public installations of your art you could create your own Facebook group. Then ask for permission to create a card next to the piece encouraging people to post their photos with the piece.

Here are some photos that were posted to the Einstein group page at (you have to join the group to see the photos).

Your Testimonials

What have your clients said about your art? How have you gathered testimonials in the past? What do you think of the idea of gathering comments from your buyers? Share your experiences, thoughts and testimonials in the comments below.

About the Author: Jason Horejs

Jason Horejs is the Owner of Xanadu Gallery, author of best selling books "Starving" to Successful & How to Sell Art , publisher of, and founder of the Art Business Academy. Jason has helped thousands of artists prepare themselves to more effectively market their work, build relationships with galleries and collectors, and turn their artistic passion into a viable business.


  1. There was a painting that I sold through a gallery a few years ago, an urban scene of an upscale neighborhood in Boston; Newbury Street (equivalent to Rodeo Drive, in LA). When the buyer came to my home to pay me and pick it up, I asked her what attracted her to my work. I expected her to say, she liked the colors, or it went well with her living room décor. But she said “it speaks to me”. As she said that, I realized something about the visual and emotional impulses that bond people to a piece of artwork. That the buyer has a relationship with art that he/she buys.

  2. My most recent testimonial from my client regarding a portrait that I created of their beloved dog Scarlet that had passed away really touched me deeply. ” We are forever grateful to Nancy for creating this stunning portrait of our “Pearl”. You captured her very being and the essence of her love and joy that she so willingly shared with so many. In a way you’ve given her back to us since now we can look at her each and every day feeling the love in her eyes and her sweet face. This is the second beautiful portrait Nancy has done for us. You are so incredibly talented! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  3. The gallery I work with that handles my largest pieces, 4×5’ and 5×6’, will not give me contact information for the clients who purchase my art. Even when I have met them and asked for a photo in their home, the gallery owner intercedes.

    I have my own gallery space at the Fairmont Orchid Resort where I teach. I understand the protocols of dealing with a gallery and have assured the owner that I would never undersell or go behind his back. It’s very frustrating.

    For many years this gallery represented Wyland on the Big Island. It’s not like they don’t have a history of professional representation.

    Just venting. I really feel that the opportunity to create long-term relationships with our clients would lead to further sales.

  4. It absolutely makes my day when my clients send their thanks for making their life and home better as they live with my creations (artwork) everyday!!
    I’m sharing a part of me with them!

  5. I wanted to point out a very important aspect of your request for a client testimonial that I believe makes the idea go even further. As artists we need to understand the values that motivate sales and the one you have tapped into is “what do others say about the artwork you bought?” We don’t often realize that our collectors are very interested in showing others the work they hang on their walls (or display, as in sculpture) because they want to hear others’ response. It taps into the value of “status” or “self actualization” because they want to be known for the kind of things they purchase, whether it be a car, house, boat, or artwork. So, use that phrase when you ask for client testimonial and I think you will be more successful in getting a good reply.

    1. This is an excellent point Jason. We can all gain a lot by putting ourselves in our buyers’ shoes, and I love the idea of asking what others are saying about the work.

  6. Thank you Jason for this post highlighting the power and joy of testimonials. Terrific to get and share!

    Best regards
    Andrea Edwards, Abstract Artist, Sydney, Australia

  7. I recently completed an oil on canvas painting “Bear Lake” Estes Park, CO (36”x24”) commission from the client’s photo. The owner’s response was “Your painting turned our house into a home.” It is the greatest compliment I have ever received.

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