Favorite Web Tool | Todoist.com – an Interview with Founder Amir Salihefendic

Usually my posts and podcasts are directly related to art and the art business, but today I thought I would do something a little different. If you’ve followed the blog, or listened to our  podcasts on getting organized, you may have heard me mention todoist.com, which is a great task management app.  I’ve been using Todoist for almost a year now and it has become my favorite (and most used) web tool. I keep track of everything I have to get done in the app, where it’s extremely simple to organize tasks and projects, and to plan out my day. I feel I’ve become far more focused and efficient since I began consistently using Todoist.

Being a big fan of the app, I was curious about the site and read about how it had come into being. I discovered that the founder, Amir Salihefendic, is a young (I’m not even going to mention how young) Bosnian immigrant to Denmark who is currently living in Chile. Very interesting guy who is not only a great developer, but has also become somewhat of an efficiency expert.

I reached out to Todoist to see if Amir might be willing to do a brief interview, and, to my surprise, they put me in touch with their busy leader. Amir graciously agreed to take time out of a crazy schedule to speak with me (time made available, I’m sure, by his amazing time management!).

I spoke with Amir earlier in the week via Skype and he had some great ideas about how Todoist might help artists and other creatives. I know efficiency and organization may not be an artist’s highest priority, but Amir makes a great point in the interview: imagine how liberating it would be if your creative time was free of distractions and nagging worries.

You can listen to the interview (about 20 minutes) here:

A Conversation with Amir Salihefendic – Founder Todoist.com (mp3 link)

or download the recording to listen at your convenience by right-clicking and selecting “save link as . . .”

When I listened back to the recording I realized my enthusiasm for Todoist may have made our conversation sound like an advertisement or paid endorsement.  It’s neither. I don’t have any financial motive for inviting you to check out Todoist (which is free, by the way). I’m just a big fan and think you will find Todoist to be a great tool.

Set up a free account at www.todoist.com to try out the task management app.

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Screenshot of Todoist.com

Special thanks to Barney Davey for pointing me to Todoist!



About the Author: Jason Horejs

Jason Horejs is the Owner of Xanadu Gallery, author of best selling books "Starving" to Successful & How to Sell Art , publisher of reddotblog.com, and founder of the Art Business Academy. Jason has helped thousands of artists prepare themselves to more effectively market their work, build relationships with galleries and collectors, and turn their artistic passion into a viable business.


  1. Thanks Jason!
    I have not tried Todoist but I am downloading it now after listening to this. Having a full time job, a 1 year old and time in the studio, it sounds like this will help a lot!

  2. Looking for the download now. I hope its a great magic act. It will be better than spinning plates!

  3. Yikes. I’m impressed. I see why you are raving about this ! This is so great – everything in one place. I was using notes, reminders and calendar to keep me organized. There are too many gaps! This way its all in one place and accessible from everywhere. Very nice. Now I’ll see if I can stay on top of it all.

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