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Lorri Acott-Fowler, Figure/Portrait SculptureWinter Art Season kicked off at Xanadu with a great Robert Burt exhibit
featuring Burt’s charming vehicle paintings, followed by a two-woman
extravaganza of abstract paintings by Penny Benjamin Peterson and
sculptures by Lorri Acott in December.

There are some wonderful selections by these and other Xanadu artists
available at www.xanadugallery.com.

Sunday Drive by Robert BurtHarmonious by Penny Benjamin Peterson/i//tn_IMG_0195.jpgSalt River Vistas by John HorejsWild Spring Poppies by John Horejs

Currently, Melinda Fellini’s encaustics and oils are front and center
at Xanadu. You can view her new encaustics at the Gallery Shows Online
feature at American Art Collector Magazine’s website by clicking here: American
Art Collector Magazine

The last three solo shows of Melinda Felliniʼs artwork at Xanadu
Gallery featured hervibrantly colored abstracted landscapes in oil. Three years ago this
Portland, OR artist

began experimenting with encaustic, a heated beeswax medium known for
itʼs luminosity.

“I thought this new medium would enhance my search for looseness and

Wax by its very nature cannot be controlled like other mediums. I
thought encaustic

painting would be the perfect cross training for enhancing my oils.
With encaustic, I find

it more difficult to be precise; it lends itself to serendipity and
becomes the muse by creating wonderful unanticipated surprises,” says
Fellini. “I have been painting with oils for over 20 years and it has
always been a love affair. However, when I began working in encaustic I
could just let go and feel like I was playing again. It wasnʼt my
career, it was my play. This journey has infused new creative
excitement into all my current work.”

“I spent most of my early school years in one long daydream. School was
kind of a

black hole for me,” says Fellini. She now considers her work to be
reminiscent of daydreams.

All that time trying to escape school through daydreaming has finally
paid off.

She notes, “I now realize I was just gathering information.” Fellini
has spent so many

years gathering information from the numerous places she has lived that
she paints

mostly from her imagination now.

Color is what Felliniʼs paintings are most known for. It would not be
uncommon for there

to be 20-40 layers of paint in Felliniʼs art. There is a depth of color
and intrigue in the

work that is achieved through building up a rich patina over time.
Subtle color nuances

come through from the underneath layers.

Conveying a deep sense of mood through simplicity is an important
aspect of Felliniʼs

work. She feels that what her art gives the viewer is a window into
their own daydreams.

Melinda Fellini, Landscape Paintings
Bound to One Another by Melinda Fellini
Bound to One Another
12″ x 15″

I've Known Rivers by Melinda Fellini
I’ve Known Rivers
18″ x 20″
Rock is the Envoy by Melinda Fellini
Rock is the Envoy
15″ x 12″

Winterscape II by Melinda Fellini
Winterscape II
24″ x 12″
Natural Forces by Melinda Fellini
Natural Forces
15″ x 12″
Deep Horizon by Melinda Fellini
Deep Horizon
36″ x 15″
the Art of Dr. Lucie Marlo
Gallery is excited to introduce the geometric abstract paintings of
Canadian artist, Dr. Lucie Marlo.Lucie’s art is very popular in her home city of Victoria, B.C. where
she has exhibited professionally for more than 12 years. Her art has
become so well collected that she left the medical profession to pursue
her artistic passion full-time.  Last year, she and her husband
Victor bought a winter home in Scottsdale, where Lucie is now painting
for our collectors at Xanadu.

Lucie was recently a guest on a Phoenix talk radio program. You can
listen here, and get to know this talented artist: http://michellecorr.podomatic.com/entry/2011-01-26T13_41_05-08_00

Lucie’s intricate designs and vibrant colors will add a special
dimension to your art collection. Come in to Xanadu today (or visit
www.xanadugallery.com) to enjoy and acquire the art of Dr. Lucie Marlo!

New World by Lucie Marlo
New World
48″ x 60″
In the Moment by Lucie Marlo
In the Moment
36″ x 48″
Journey by Lucie Marlo
24″ x 36″

New Works

Thursday, February 3, 2011 7-9 p.m.


Through February 15

Introducing the abstract contemporary paintings of Dr. Lucie Marlo. Add Lucie’s
colorful paintings to your collection!

February 17, 2011 Art Walk 7-9

John Horejs | New Oil Landscapes
and Gardens

Gary Lee Price | New Bronze
Figurative Sculpture

Meet John & Gary at Xanadu for their 20th Anniversary of showing
together in Scottsdale. A new sculpture by Gary Price will be unveiled
at the opening.

March 3, 2011 Art Walk 7-9 p.m.

“New and Improved” | Collages and paintings by Dave Newman

The ever-popular Dave Newman exhibits his latest creations depicting
cars, motorcycles, road trips, guitars, and memories from by-gone days.

March 17, 2011 Art Walk 7-9 p.m.

“Blended Families” | New oil
paintings, bronzes and bronze reliefs by world-renowned artist Guilloume

This first-ever Xanadu exhibit will introduce a new series of abstract
paintings that take Guilloume’s art to a new, exciting level. If you
have not yet had the opportunity to meet Guilloume, this is an event
you will want to be sure to attend. Guilloume and his art will uplift
and inspire you, and will enrich your art collection in a wonderful way.

We are now booking private appointments for collectors with Guilloume during the weekend of
his exhibit opening where you will be able to meet one-on-one with the
artist to discuss adding his art to your collection and to order
special commissions. Call Xanadu today at 480-368-9929 to schedule your
time with Guilloume.

Ethyl by Dave Newman
by Dave Newman
72″ x 32″ Mixed Media
Mr. & Mrs. E.
Scottsdale, AZ
Layers of Time by Melinda Fellini
Layers of Time
by Melinda Fellini
24″ x 15″ Encaustic
Mr. Ed L.
Wichita, KS
Uncommon Place by Penny Benjamin Peterson
Uncommon Place
by Penny Benjamin Peterson
60″ x 48″ Acylic
Robert & Sandra F.
Scottsdale, AZ
Lily by Lorri Acott-Fowler
by Lorri Acott
9″ x 6″ Bronze
Mr. & Mrs. Willam M.
Jackson, TN
Optimistic Reminder of the Possibilities by Lorri Acott-Fowler
Optimistic Reminder of the
by Lorri Acott
12″ x 3″ Raku
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce M.
Irving, TX
summer's eve study by Josh Clare
Summer’s Eve Study
by Josh Clare
20″ x 10″ Oil
Micaiah H.
Encinitas, CA
Quantum Notions: Hazel Nut by Gerhard von Harpe
Quantum Notions: Hazel Nutby Gerhard von Harpe
21″ x 30″ Mixed Media
Shannon M.,
Dallas TX
Sublime Solus by J. Anthony Peters
Sublime Solusby J. Anthony Peters
52″ x 40″
Learning to Fly - Collectibles
Blown Glass Wall Grouping
by Trevor Thomas
S.Vancouver, B.C.
Mr. & Mrs. Terry
G., Scottsdale, AZ
Collector, Palm Desert, CA
Did You Know….that you can take Xanadu art home on approval to make sure it fits well
with the rest of your collection? If you live out of the area, we can
ship art on approval. If for some reason it doesn’t work for your
space, you can return it for a refund. You will only be responsible for
the packaging charges, and the shipping costs both ways. We look
forward to being of service regarding art for your collection!

Warmest regards,Jason, Elaine, & Ashley

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