Frank Gehry Envisions a Social Space For FaceBook’s New Headquarters

Photo: Frank Gehry/Gehry Partners

photo: FaceBook

Frank Gehry has created some of the most important (and controversial) architecture of the last century. Gehry eschews traditional architectural ideas and traditions in favor of unexpected angles and unique finishes and materials. So what happens when Gehry’s architecture meets one of the most loved/hated tech companies of the last decade? We’re about to find out as construction begins next year on FaceBook’s new headquarters in Menlo Park, CA.

Mark Zuckerberg advocates a working environment that mirrors the openness (or at least the theoretical openness) of his social network. FaceBook’s current office is mostly open space where engineers can move freely to form new workgroups by simply picking up their laptops and gathering with co-workers. Their current building is an open floor-plan with no real office space.

Gehry’s new building will reflect this approach and expand it dramatically in a new 10 acre (420,000 square foot) space – a single room that will house the expanding social network’s workforce.

Read about the design process and what it tells us about FaceBook at

via: The Atlantic

What do you think of Gehry’s FaceBook project and his other work?

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