Free Broadcast | Ask Barney & Jason | Open Q&A Session

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 | 4:00 p.m. Mountain

In this month’s broadcast, you get to pick the topics and and ask the questions. Barney and Jason will be taking your questions live during the next Hangout. What would you like to know about the art market or gallery business? Have you been facing particular challenges as you work to further your art career? This is your opportunity to pick Barney & Jason’s minds about the issues that are most important to you.

To Participate in the Broadcast

You can register for the event by visiting our Google+ event page (Click Here). If you register on the event page, you will receive reminders leading up to the broadcast. You must be signed in to Google (click here to sign in) to register. Registering is optional – you do not have to register to attend the broadcast.

To watch the broadcast, simply go to our broadcast page, or go to the Google+ Hangout page.

Ask a Question!

If you would like to have Jason & Barney a question, please leave it in the Google+ comments or


Start Time by Time Zone

There will be one broadcast that will begin at 5:00 p.m. Mountain – please translate the time to your time zone based on the chart below.

Start Time by Time Zone
Time Zone Start Time
Pacific 3:00 pm
Arizona 4:00 pm
Mountain 4:00 pm
Central 5:00 pm
Eastern 6:00 pm

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  1. Jason and Barney, I said I would attend tomorrow, and submitted a question, but I am unable to be “live”. I will listen later. That might have implications about whether you respond to my question during the webcast or not.

    Have a good time with it! And thanks again for giving SO much.


  2. Scott Adams ( Dilbert cartoonist) says that “Goals are for Losers” And that “Pursuing your passion is a terrible strategy” in a recent Bottom Line Personal article (December 15, 2013, pp.(5-6). If you were to read the article I think you too would think his solutions make a lot of sense! However… I think it would be helpful for artists to have his process of “systems” elaborated for us. What are your thoughts about that? – He adds, for example, that
    greater satisfaction is by using “systems”. I would like to have more examples of using systems for artists if you can create them. Thanks, Drina

  3. Hi Jason, I have been real busy since your workshop in Scottsdale. I recently revamped my whole portfolio, I even added some photos from previous customers. Thanks again for all of your helpful info. Off to Sedona tomorrow!
    Rhonda Davis

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