Free Broadcast | The Importance of Artistic Consistency

Several weeks ago I blogged about the importance of artistic consistency from a gallery owner’s perspective. The post generated a lot of discussion from a variety of perspectives (just take a look at the comments). I appreciated all of the comments, especially those that challenged my advice.

I also received innumerable emails from artists asking, “could you take a look at my work and tell me if I am consistent?” While I was able to respond to a few of these requests, my busy schedule prevented me from replying to more than a small percentage of the total requests received.

From these emails I could see that there is room for additional discussion about what it means to be “consistent”. Instead of responding individually or writing a post, I feel that the most effective forum for this discussion will be a broadcast. I invite you to join me for a live broadcast on consistency Tuesday, September 4th, 2011 from 4:00-5:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time for the discussion. This will be an interactive forum where you can listen to my presentation and then ask questions live via your computer or telephone.

Submit your Art for a Review of Consistency

If you are willing to brave the critique, submit your art to me for possible review and feedback about your consistency during the broadcast. Please follow these instructions carefully to submit images of your art – artwork submitted in any other way or not following these instructions will not be reviewed.

Share up to 4 photos of your work on my Facebook page at (be sure and like my page while you are there). Sharing photos on the page is easy, simply click on the photo/video button, then click on the upload photo/video link. Type the title, size, medium and price into the comment. You must be signed in to your Facebook account in order to post the images.


Ask a Question

If you have a question you would like to see discussed during the broadcast, please type it into the comments below.

Sign Up

Sign up to listen to broadcast by clicking on this link:


Can’t attend live? Sign up anyway! We will be recording the session and anyone who signs up will receive a download of the broadcast. By signing up you will receive reminders of the start time for the broadcast – just ignore them – it’s not problem if you can’t actually attend, you’ll still get the recording.


Start Time

We always have confusion about the start time due to the varying time zones of our listeners. There will be one live broadcast and it will begin at:

4:00 p.m. Pacific
4:00 p.m. Arizona
5:00 p.m. Mountain
6:00 p.m. Central
7:00 p.m. Eastern

11:00 p.m. GMT

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  1. Does consistency have to mean essentially same color palettes, same subject matter, all landscapes or still-lifes only, same sizes, etc???? My paintings are still all over the spectrum but I would like to develop some consistency but just haven’t figured out what to try to stick with yet!

  2. Jason, about a year ago you reviewed a few pieces of my work and asked me, “How many paintings have you produced in the last year? How many do you have on hand that are gallery ready?”. Although Iwas producing an average of 2 pieces of work per week, sometimes more sometimes none, it wasn’t a consistent body of work. In addition, you forecasted that I would be ready in about 12 months for gallery representation shall I have a consistent body of work.

    Update: I created a body of work that is cohesive, consistent and it’s me! I had my first solo show, I’ve been in the media several times, yesterday I was in the newspaper where I was chosen for “Woman to watch” and now I’m looking for gallery representation. I now understand the strengths that lie below that concept of consistency in building a career as an artist. I think it’s important to find yourself, define your style and medium(s), genre or subject that makes you tick. If you can’t define yourself, neither will a gallery or a collectors.

    Now, I do get requests here and there for something a little different, for example, I’m doing a painting for a non-profit group as a poster for their large annual luncheon but I will also be at the head table and have an opportunity to speak about the piece (a little marketing). I’ve become more selective of who I donate and emphasize how both can benefit. I guess that’s a whole other subject. Or a piece that’s a commission that will help pay my mortgage this month. For the most part I’m looking forward to expanding or building on the same concept.

    I had written a post my blog about the 5 C’s of the business of art, I think I will have to add “Consistency”! I created small signs with these words and have them on a peg board in my studio, it keeps me focus. Thank you for your continued inspiration, support and dedication to artists!

    Peggy Martinez


  3. While I feel I have developed my style, when you say consisentency, would you say that animal sculpture should not be seen with figure sculpture in a portfolio? Or should they just be grouped? I remember you said no dates in a portfolio. What is the reason for this?

  4. Every piece I make is different BUT anyone who REALLY looks knows that VERY OFTEN black on my work has white dots. Blue has clouds. I like to be very whimsical I do not know if I ever made a serious piece. They hear the piece’s name & Facebook me “saying only you would name it that!”

  5. Looking forward to hearing the broadcast. I have been working for over 20 yrs. I do work in Oil, Mixed Media and Encaustic. I do work in series, but often my series are not 25 pieces, they’re smaller. I’d love to take the next step and sell work and find representation. If you’d like take a look at my website, address above, any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

  6. Having only now seen this, you write ” anyone who signs up will receive a download of the broadcast” but unfortunately since the event is now in the past the sign-up form no longer works. So how do latecomers sign up to receive the recording? Thanks.

  7. I know the broadcast is over, but I would like to hear it. What do I do to listen? When I go to the site, the only statement is that it is over. Thanks for your help in advance. Linda

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