George Lucas’ New Art Museum to be Built in L.A.

George Lucas announced last Tuesday that his $1 billion art museum is going to be built at Exposition Park in Los Angeles, according to an article by The Art Newspaper. With a design that could have come out of the Star Wars films, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will be a unique home for Lucas’ personal art collection.

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Plans for the museum have been underway for almost ten years, and according to The New York Times, the museum was originally supposed to be built in San Francisco, then Chicago, but those plans were canceled. Last week, after seeing new plans for a museum in L.A. and San Francisco, Lucas settled on L.A. The chosen location will put the museum near The California Science Center.

According to the museum’s website, the exhibits will be focused on the connection between visual art and storytelling and will feature a variety of different art forms, from paintings and illustrations to costumes, digital art, and films. A few of the artists in Lucas’ collection include Degas, Renoir, Homer, and Warhol.

Lucas’ museum will be set up a little differently from the typical art museum. “The Lucas Museum will be a barrier free museum where artificial divisions between ‘high’ art and ‘popular’ art are absent,” the museum’s website states, “allowing you to explore a wide array of compelling visual storytelling.”

It will be very interesting to experience visual art this way, through the lense of storytelling. The museum will explore the rich history of “narrative art” as well as new innovations in using visual art to tell stories.

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Along with exhibiting narrative art, the Lucas Museum will also create educational opportunities with lectures, classes, and hands-on workshops on storytelling through art. The museum will house movie theaters for showing films, classrooms, lecture halls, and a library for educational purposes.

What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts about the concept for George Lucas’ museum? Do you like the idea of focusing on the stories told by visual art? Does your art tell stories?

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  1. Hi Jason,
    Any form of art, be it music, films, or other visual art forms always carry an underlying story in its core that twines like an unseen thread. This story is left to the viewers to built it in their own way or create/imagine it from the level of their personal life experiences. Therefore it is good news to have a museum built with the idea of focusing on the stories told by visual art. This will enhance visual communications students and at the same time greatly attract students and children in general at a higher level, taking into consideration of the famous creation “Star Wars” by George Lucas, being a barrier free museum without distinguishing the levels of art forms and providing different kinds of educational opportunities is a gem of an idea. So, for sure I do love the whole concept! Yes, my art tells stories too and absolutely no doubt that all artists arts tells stories too!! Above all, one more place to spend with family and friends, have fun and learn at the same time.

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