Glimpse of Recent Sales | Summer-Autumn 2014

Fall is in the air, which in Arizona means that it’s only going to be 94 (about 35 celsius) today! Summers in Arizona are hot and long, with 100+ temperatures lasting into October. Traffic in the gallery slows down to a trickle between mid-May and mid-October. I consider it a very good sign for the art market, and for the broader economy, that even during our slow season, sales have continued to grow. Looking at this year’s sales, it seems clear that the economic recovery has finally reached the art market, and although sales still aren’t back to pre-2007 levels, they have continued to grow at a slow and steady pace.

From time to time, I like to post images of recent sales. It’s fun to see work that has caught our buyer’s attention, and it’s a good reminder that art is selling – something that is easy to forget if your sales have been a bit slow.

It’s important to remember that this is not necessarily a reflection of trends in the broader market, and I don’t want anyone to look at this artwork and say “I guess I better paint landscapes, because that’s what Xanadu is selling.” You will see below a pretty broad range of styles and subject matter. This sampling of some of our recent sales reflects a combination of in-gallery sales, online sales and sales from our Art Catalogue.

It’s also fun to see where some of our buyers are coming from. Over the last several months we’ve had buyers from:

Edmond, Oklahoma Scottsdale, AZ Morenci, AZ
Demarest, NJ Andover, MA Indianapolis, IN
Plymouth, MN West Bloomfield, MI Nampa, ID
Highlands Ranch, CO Everet, WA Vancouver, BC, Canada
Chestnut Hill, MA Bonita Springs, FL Chicago, IL
Westfield, NJ Reading, MA New York City, New York
Kirkland, WA Park City, UT Rancho Mirage, CA
Wilsonville, OR Calgary, AB, Canada Missoula, MT
Paradise Valley, AZ Baltimore, MD Lyme, CT


Diverse Communities

by Guilloume



Darien Series Commission

by Linza

Mixed Media


by Brenda Peo


Between Friends

by Guilloume

Bronze Relief

Trinity Bloom

by Michelle O’Michael


Ranch Road at Ryegate

by Jennifer Braxton



Wall Climbers

by Ancizar Marin

(approx 20 sold)





Sanctuary I, II, III

by Kelly Sooter


Solar Flares II

by Linza

Mixed Media

Aspen Morning

by Anne Wren Nye

Kiln Glass


by Anne Wren Nye

Kiln Glass Wall Art

Cage Free

by Dave Newman

Mixed Media/Collage

Western Surreal Series

by Dave Newman

Mixed Media/Collage



by Tom Christiansen


Yipee, a Western Rodeo

by Dave Newman

Mixed Media/Collage

Land Of

by Dave Newman

Mixed Media/Collage

Surreal Cactus Series

by Dave Newman

Mixed Media/Collage

Roads West and Curios

by Dave Newman

Mixed Media/Collage

Stealing his Heart

by Guilloume

Bronze Wall Relief

Tranquility Bell

Lance Carleton




by Tom Christiansen


Collective Thoughts

by Guilloume

Bronze Wall Relief


by Joshua Spendlove


Plain Wisdom

by John and Elli Milan



Wall Climber

by Ancizar Marin


Conversation with Myself (32″)

by Lorri Acott


Cabecita Loca

by Ruben Cukier


Journey’s of the Imagination (50″)

by Gary Price


Blue Birds

by Cholla Chambers


Aqua Sky

by Allen Rodewald


2014-10-30 11_37_46-Share Your Art with Xanadu's Best Collectors _ [file__..._XACDrivesSales201411.h

Sunset on the Serengeti

by Arayna Howard


Darien 16 by Linza Darien 18 by LinzaDarien 21 by Linza

Darien 24 by Linza Darien 30 by Linza Darien 26 by Linza

Darien Series

by Linza

Mixed Media



by Linza

Mixed Media

Nothing Between Us (20″)

by Guilloume


Early Hike, Tucson

by Brenda Salamone



Kinship (Commission – 48″)

by Guilloume



Buffalo Icon-Orange

by Michael Swearngin

Acrylic/Mixed Media


Buffalo Icon-Blue

by Michael Swearngin

Acrylic/Mixed Media

Red Thunderbird

by Dave Newman


Wildflower Fields

by John Horejs


Patio Garden

by John Horejs




How were your sales this Summer/Fall?

Share your recent sales – post what you have sold in the comments below (include a link to the image on your website, if available). Share any interesting recent sales stories. I hope the sales shown above and your sales will encourage us all to redouble our sales efforts.


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About the Author: Jason Horejs

Jason Horejs is the Owner of Xanadu Gallery, author of best selling books "Starving" to Successful & How to Sell Art , publisher of, and founder of the Art Business Academy. Jason has helped thousands of artists prepare themselves to more effectively market their work, build relationships with galleries and collectors, and turn their artistic passion into a viable business.


  1. I’ve accepted 8 commissions over the past 6-8 weeks for my watercolor pet portraits. Four have been completed and delivered. I got two more commissions today. I will be challenged to finish these before Christmas. I’ve also sold two of my oil paintings in October, which is very pleasing, as most of my sales are pet portraits. It is a small niche, but I am finding it very well received.

    1. Hi, Kate.

      I’m delighted to hear you are having pet portrait sales. I’ve started to put myself out there for horse portraits and paintings. If you would be willing to share, I’d love to know what advertising methods have worked best for you.


  2. I’m in 2 waterside galleries in southeast Virginia, and that’s a good time for art sales. The economy suffers, but I’m managing better sales than usual, particularly with a few commissions as a result of my work on display in these galleries. Another gallery contacted me today with an interest in my work. All is going well!

  3. I have had an increase in sales this summer partly because of a weekend solo show at my local gallery as well as exposure from an exhibition in a local upscale gallery. My web sales have also improved as well as commissioned paintings. Something is going on.

  4. Our art association’s gallery closed last month due to lack of sales. We had a good mix of artists, tried different things to get people in. They would come in, but basically we (as in all the galleries in our gallery row) provided free entertainment after lunch or a dinner. No buyers. If our gallery hadn’t been manned by loyal volunteers, we would have closed much sooner.

    1. That’s too bad – I’m sorry to hear the gallery didn’t make it Dot. There’s no doubt that being in a location that can bring in qualified buyers is key to long-term success. Hopefully working in the gallery provided you some good insight into the sales process that you can use in the future.

  5. I’m reading Jason’s book, How to Sell Art. Reason: I’m about to have a bicycle-themed art show in conjunction with Sunday’s Cyclovia Tucson.

    Jason makes a good point about rehearsing your greeting and conversation opening with potential buyers. I’ve been doing it all week.

  6. I’ve been blessed with the sale of two of my mosaic stone tables in the last two months… One now resides in Austin, Minnesota and one in Holman, Wisconsin. Xanadu online gallery has a few of my works listed, including the newly SOLD table called “The Dragonfly” by John Steven Kjome of Clearfork Stoneworks.

  7. google Ann DerGara I am a printmaker and painter..Have been published by many publishers… My work is in public space all over the country… have been in Art Expo, Art Miami, Art Basel, (Switzerland) FCIA, e-mail is Your space will not accept

  8. I entered the Pastel Society of the West Coast USA exhibition and my picture Cleaning Up won an award and was sold the first day. The exhibition was held at the Morro Bay Art Gallery in Morro Bay, California. I also received signature status at the exhibition. I hope being in your catalog will help my sales as well.

  9. I have experienced my best sales ever…selling a painting in a local gallery, one at a local art walk and 11 from my website since July. I have been posting my work in progress on social media and have sold 2 paintings before they were finished. I was asked what I was going to name one painting and i told my customer that was the last thing I do, after painting is finished. I asked my customer what he would name it and then I picked one of his choices…..we co-named the painting.

  10. I sold a 5×7 palette knife painting of fall trees a month ago. Gave the proceeds to the club sponsoring the show/gallery. Sales in this area are poor at best, similar to Dot’s situation.

  11. I have sold, and am in the process of painting, eight commissioned pastel paintings of pets (all but one are dogs). Five are the result of showing my work at Midwest art fairs and three came from past collectors. In addition, I have sold some large giclee prints of pet paintings I have created for myself. All in all a very good year!

      1. It certainly has been a very good year for me.. and selling one through Xanadu Gallery was icing on the cake.. proved to me that being involved with Xanadu’s catalogue is a great way of getting my work out there.. Thank you!.. Brenda Peo..

  12. I feel blessed as I sold my Triptych from my web-site of the Trinindad area. And had a
    commissioned work from an advertisement in Cat Fancy magazine.
    I had six other paintings of various subjects also which people
    loved go out of my studio in the last two months.
    I hope being in your catalog will help my sales.

  13. Just sold a painting last week that had been hanging in an office for 3 months. The president of the company bought it and I was thrilled. Am painting every day now and going to promote my work more than I have been doing.

  14. I had an Open Studio Sale at the end of August and I partnered with a local non profit organization. I sold 36 paintings within just a few days and I was able to present a large check to the non profit.

  15. I sold over 20 paintings in 2 days and got a big commission during my recent open studio. Everyone was thrilled with their purchases and I am thrilled with my earnings. Win, win!

  16. This was an interesting situation. I was at an art fair (which I don’t usually do) and a fellow asked me if I had a print of the statue by the Old Courthouse in St. Louis. I told him that I didn’t, but if he came back the next day I would. I then went & shot the statue, which turned out to be by Harry Weber of Dred & Harriet Scott. The fellow had said he would bring his wife back the next day, but didn’t show up, so I emailed a thumbnail of the image to the sculptor, Harry Weber, who bought an image license that night for use in his portfolio.

  17. John Mlacak died Sept. 19, 2014. A Celebration of John’s life was held at the Mlacak Centre in Kanata Ontario the community John helped build. He was a politician, an engineer and an artist painting mainly in oils. He took out ads in your magazine several times and admired what you are doing to try and help artists succeed in their work. John was an elected member of both the Ontario Society of Artists and the Society of Canadian Artists. In 2010 John received the Lucille Broadbent Award for Artistic Achievement from the Board of Ottawa Art Expo. The Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, presented the award. At the recent Expo of October 24th, 25th and 26th, Mayor Watson gave a moving testimonial to John as one of the important artists in the city.

    Beth Mlacak

    October 30, 2014

    1. Beth – I’m so sorry to hear of your loss and of the loss to the art world. John’s collectors are fortunate that he will live on in the works that bring beauty to their lives.

  18. I sold 3 other pieces at a one day art show at a local Garden shop. I learned a valueable lesson I’d like to share here. The show was themed to match the venue (i.e. floral & wildlife work). Almost everyone there sold well. Some so well they had to go back for more product. My conclusions were that the people invited by the Garden shop from their mailing list were used to coming there to buy things and the show being of a floral theme, it appealed to exactly the type of people who showed up. Someone commented here about showing bicycle related work at a bicycle race. I think they’ll do well based on the above experience.

  19. Lots of fans, winning contests, great interaction, no-sale. Hard market if we are online only. Still, love to paint – art is my daily therapy and glad the more for it.

  20. David Newman is my favorite artist at Xanadu Gallery and I am glad he did well. I sold three 36 x 48 photographs on canvas a month ago and sold a framed print from a coffee house earlier this summer. I can not wait for the Arizona art show season to start. It will be fun to be physically in front of the buyers again and to show off all my new images I spent the summer creating.

  21. I send a monthly newsletter with my new works and their accompanying stories. I am thankful to report two of my last three paintings were sold just after I sent the newsletters, paint still wet and neither were viewed in person yet. This along with print sales and show acceptances has made for a pretty nice summer!

  22. The state I live in seems to have suffered a major slow down during the earlier part of the year with even major retailers struggling. I have certainly noticed its been slower. I only sold seven painting plus seven of the little trinket boxes I make. They have a little painting on the top. At least with the small boxes people seem to buy them even before they finish so I am thinking of trying to keep a larger range of small paintings as people are obviously feeling more inclined to buy these. Usually I sell medium – large sized paintings best. I have spoken to my local gallery and noticed a slight increase with sales lately so I am hopeful that next year will see us return to a more steady stream of buyers. I know I have one very large sale next year already.

  23. I’ve had 4 sales over the summer, 1 at a show at a local cafe, and 3 from my on-line gallery, None of them went for much money, but it’s getting a little encouraging. I’ve been selling my small still life paintings.

  24. I have won a 1st place and a 2nd place in shows this summer and fall that awarded some cash, but so far no sales. Plenty of lookers, prospects and good comments, so hopefully things will change. Overall in the shows, no one did very good sales in the southern New Mexico and El Paso shows I have been involved in. I plan to be in Scottsdale in November–so I hope to meet you face to face soon!

  25. Most recent sale: “Oyster Mushrooms” (soft pastels).

    Sold at my recent Labor Day weekend Studio Tour. The woman came in late on the last day and quietly took her time looking through what I had hanging. When she got to the end she went straight back to this painting and said, “I think I’d like this one.” Easiest sale ever.

  26. P.S. Jason, I love your father’s work! I have been eyeing “Wildflower Fields” hanging behind your head on some of your Hangouts I’ve watched recently. Lovely! Reminds me of a place near me where I love to paint.

  27. As I have recently started out as a full time artist, I had some sales and most of them were commissioned. Trying to participate in some of the events and competitions and also trying to get involved with the communities to build the network. Working hard to increase my inventory and hopefully some sales.

  28. I’ve been fortunate enough to have sold more than 3 in the past 6 months. Some sold online and some in person, one was commissioned:
    30×50 inches diptych
    acrylic on canvas

    Follow Me
    18×18 inches
    acrylic on canvas

    an assortment of small constellation paintings:


    Have been painting regularly and working on building a cohesive body of work.

  29. Last month I sold three paintings. One of them had been on hold for two months at a gallery in Sedona, and finally the woman came in and purchased it (32×36):
    Then, she liked it so much she came in a week later and bought another one (38×30):
    I sold this nude figure to a woman I met at a workshop (24×20):

  30. Jason, i was approached by a certain organization to paint a portrait for their chairman after they saw a portrait of Mandela which i painted in March this year. The painting was framed and it was looking nice!

  31. Hi Jason, In the past four weeks I have sold two 8×12 framed photographs on canvas that I took in Cuba and in the last two weeks sold two 16×20 framed photographs on canvas that I took in Barcelona. I am in a gallery here in Vista, California called, ArtBeat on Main Street”.

  32. Hi Jason
    I am an avid reader of your communications, I very much appreciate all your comments.

    Have you ever thought of bringing your expertise to London maybe running a workshop here I think it would go down really really well here.

    If you do I would love to be involved in the setting up.
    All the very best

  33. Hi john, this year has been pretty good for me. I basically create lots of custom commissions of cats and dogs and farm animals. The commissions continue to roll in. I’ve been very pleased.

  34. I really enjoyed reading about what artists are selling. It is encouraging to see and read what is selling. I dapple in painting and have sold various paintings over the course of the year, mostly in The Fall and Christmas Season. I live in a small town in Pennsylvania which has only one Art Gallery. I know I need to expand my venues.
    Your articles are always inspiring….thank you for what you are doing for struggling

  35. This was our 7th year in our local Lakeside Artists Studio Tour, I really did not want to do it this year because of lack of sales in The past years. Boy was I surprised, I sold 5 paintings! One of the larger paintings was Sea Angel, so thrilled it has a good home.
    Hopefully this is a sign that people are starting to buy orginal art again.

  36. Hi Jason, I did a short trip to the Gran Canyon starting from Phoenix( Scottsdale) and had a change to visit your gallery. I’m Belgian but live since 2001 in Nashville where I have representation by Lequire gallery and also by Reinike gallery in Atlanta. I also have a small gallery downtown Nashville to promote my own work.,although I’m just open for the downtown art crawl ( yes…just for 3 hours a month). I think price matters , small work under $1000 will sell easier than large work around $3000. My work is large( 60 x 48 inches or 48 x 36 inches) and prices around &2000- $3000. I did have good sales this year, it is getting better, for sure. But I couldn’t live from just this income ( I teach in a design college and have support of my husband’s income) It is difficult to find good representation in prestigious galleries. Most if them having enough artist to present . I have the feeling that you have to have a completely new different style or type as an artist to catch the attention. Many people like my work but can not afford it . But anyway, yes…it is a difficult road but ‘s getting better. Here are some examples of sold work:

  37. Sales of my work is slowly picking up. I’ve only been at it hard for about a year. It is very difficult to sell in this area. I would really like to branch out into galleries outside of this area. “Best Friends” is my most popular selling work to date. I have giclees made from the paintings and I’m saving the paintings for shows and to be able to sell them for a price that I believe is fair, not just giving them away.

  38. My glass damselflies continue to be my consistent best selling item. As usual, my sales of different items at the Cracked Pots show in July were about equal (candlesticks, dragons, damselflies, and garden mushrooms) $45-300 range. My cast glass $25 maple leaves don’t do well in Oregon, but still do great in my VT outlet. I got a commission to do a pair of glass squid sconces, from the customer who bought my octopus chandelier.

    And, I sold an original ink/watercolor this morning (street scene of Multnomah Village) this morning. Earlier this year the neighborhood newspaper had seen its image on my site and contacted me, asking permission to use it. A lady who grew up in Multnomah Village saw it and wanted the original. The sales of stationery of my paintings (greeting cards, $25 prints, and calendars) continues to improve each year.

    Looks like Xanadu’s sales have been all over the map in styles, media, prices…a good sign.

  39. These are 46.5″ tall – repaints of two earlier paintings. The couple saw my canvas prints in a winery, and came to my studio to see more. When they saw the ‘original’ originals, they wanted their monogram instead of the winery’s embossed on the glass of the bottle (in the painting.) And, they were to be twice as big, at twice the price. OK, I don’t mind! At this size, those wine glasses contain about 4 gallons each.
    Also, did a demo at a store where I was allowed to bring art to display to my victims…
    A week later, one of the ladies called and bought this one over the phone. Paid for it over time, and is taking some private lessons. I hope to learn a lot!
    It seems consistent that most of my sales come from unexpected places.

  40. Drip… Drip… Drip… Every show a couple of my ceramic pieces sell. However, volume vs. sales, I must be earning a dollar an hour. I suspect I’ll be dead when I’m discovered. But then the process, the love of creation, makes me happy… I guess you could call that aspect “success.”

  41. Got 5 comission works last month, about indian classical dancers just completed n dilivered ( oil on canvas) for Fortune Hotel .Thanks Jason for all the grooming

  42. This year I have enjoyed sells in different areas of art (Original Paintings and Drawings, Prints, installations). Much of them being acquired by friends and supporters of my art to help financially through the “rough patch.” however, I have recently enjoyed three acquisitions of three works of art Paintings; works on paper, and canvas; one of which is titled, HOLY FIRE [EPISTLE] by Gallerist in Santa Fe, NM- with a large commission (8′ x 6′) in the works. As well, as I was drawing a commissioned work in a local Starbucks acquired this wonderful gem titled RACHMANINOFF’S F-EDGY [ROCH-MANNA-NO-F]; . it is my hope that with you Jason Horejs my works will sell like hotcakes…speaking of which, I’m eating pancakes right now :-)…YUMMMMMMM

  43. I had a studio visit from New Clients from North Carolina….2 couples made a trip to California to my studio to purchase art , while on vacation, after seeing my stone sculptures in collection at their friends houses….I sold a sculpture to each couple.. insured, packaged and shipped them thru U.P.S….the clients were stoked

  44. I owned a gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM for three years. I represented 10 artists, myself included. Just when my lease was up for renewal I was invited by an artist I represented to collaborate with him on 60 surreal paintings for an exhibit in a 3000 square foot gallery. I accepted. Sparks flew when we created together. Our show was an incredible success. We sold more paintings at our first exhibition than I had in the 3 years at my gallery. I decided to sell my gallery to another artist I had represented for 3 years and to continue to collaborate. My painting partner and I now have about 200 paintings together. Our website is still in the works but here is a taste. and here is a snapshot of our latest painting

  45. Hello, Xanadu,
    Here are 4 paintings I have sold in the last 6 months from exhibits I have had in Texas.!MelodeeMartinRamirezEgret-oilcanvas60x40inches3600jpg/zoom/cklj/image_11qy!LastLight3/zoom/cklj/image716!Spring-Morning/zoom/cklj/imagexik!AprilMorning/zoom/cklj/image6a6
    Thanks, Jason, for your wise counsel. I attended one of your workshops here in Dallas a couple of years ago after reading your book, Starving to Successful. I have employed your methods, and been sustained by your blog and participation in the mentorship program.
    Melodee Martin Ramirez

  46. I have a solo exhibition, Blood Rescue, opening at the Customs House Museum on November 13… 22 pieces in the main gallery. 21st Century cave drawings, equine art. Of the 22 pieces, 18 are sold and paid for delivery in January when the show closes. 🙂 Happy happy!

  47. Hello all – Very slow sales here in Salem, Oregon for the past year. Have sold only one or two pieces this year. I am a member of a small artists’ co-op here and we are making it but just barely. We recently decided to move the gallery to a better location. Got a good deal from a building owner who really wants us in his building. We are hoping the move from a high commuter traffic area (they don’t stop) to a walking area in the center of town will make a difference. It is a big investment of time, money and nerves for all of us but we hope it will improve our exposure and sales.

  48. I had an interesting lesson in the importance of keeping in touch with past buyers. A woman who had bought one of my paintings two years ago got an invitation to my recent show. She liked one of the pieces there and asked if I could bring it by her home so she could see it in its intended location — but interestingly she also asked me to bring another piece I’d hung a few years earlier and done little with since — in fact, it was hanging in my own bathroom and I’d about given up on selling it. To my surprise, that’s the one she picked. Lesson for me: never give up on a previous buyer, or a good painting.

  49. Thanks, Jason, for sending this information twice today. It didn’t reach me before for some reason so I’m a bit late contributing. How wonderful to see what is selling in the Xanadu Gallery! Also, how nice to hear how artists are managing their art careers and sales.

    I’m shipping a painting for the Kansas Watercolor Society National Exhibition 2014 that will hang 11/21/14 – 1/4/15 at the Wichita Center for the Arts. Another painting is going to the California Watercolor Association Exhibition that will hang 1/15/15 to 2/21/15. I hope you can see these exhibitions since they will be exceptional.

    In preparation for a prestigious group show, I have seven paintings ready, one to frame and one to finish and frame. The Waterworks Artists will hang an exhibition of 60 paintings at the Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler, AZ from 1/31/15 to 3/7/15.
    All are invited to the Opening Reception 2 – 4 p.m. on January 31, 2015. Mark your calendars! I hope you will see this exhibition and find some art that will add beauty and wonder to your life.

  50. During this past year I did a large commissioned painting, Fighting Gamecocks, for a client in VA and a painting of a Black Jaquar on Tapa Cloth for a client in Kuwai . I have also sold several small paintings, mainly abstract pieces. I also sold, Golden Kite, a large abstract collage painting with gold leaf to a client in VA. A friend just committed today to buy 2 large landscapes, Wedding Hill 1 and Wedding Hill 2, that I painted on her 8,000 acre ranch where she and I ride horseback on Thursday mornings. I just received a call from a local gallery, The C Gallery, in Los Alamos, saying that a client in LA would like to buy a landscape, Anderson Overlook, Spring. Until I wrote this down, I didn’t realize that I have sold so many paintings this year!

  51. I’ve had a very good month for sales, and a possibility of more sales this weekend from an Invitational Exhibition I’m showing in.

    My Gallery rep sold this one to a new Medical facility:
    This one sold at my Open Studio Event:
    This one sold through my newsletter:
    This one sold at another gallery at my solo show in June:
    I’m feeling very fortunate!

  52. It’s interesting to see what has sold and where the buyers are from. I continue to be surprised that people will buy a painting that they have never seen through the internet. I think it is a sign that the personal connection, or sentimental value, of a piece of art, is frequently the most important feature to the buyer. I have been pleased to sell 2 paintings through the internet recently, the first one to a buyer who collects pig art:, and the second to someone who wanted a painting of West Virginia:

  53. Hi Jason,
    Since the workshop I took from you in Scottsdale , I was accepted into 3 Galleries, I am selling well in the 2 Sedona Galleries. Some day I would love to approach you in Scottsdale with my portfolio . Thanks.
    Rhonda Davis

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