Important Update | We’re Changing our Email System – Make sure you remain subscribed

We’re updating the system we use to send you emails about information on and so that it is easier for us to get helpful information about the art business to you in a timely and reliable fashion. This change in email systems requires you to act to confirm that you remain subscribed to the email list. The confirmation process is simple and will take less than two minutes to complete, so please do so now.

To confirm your subscription go to We have attempted to migrate all of the addresses from our old system to the new one, and if you see a message saying you are already subscribed, you don’t need to do anything more, you will continue to receive emails from us.

Otherwise, you will see a message letting you know you successfully subscribed and informing you that you have received a confirmation email. Look for the email in your inbox within a minute or so (if you don’t see it, be sure and check your spam or other folders). When you receive the confirmation email, just click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription – it will look something like this:



If you don’t confirm your subscription using the link in your confirmation email, you will not be subscribed to the list.

Finally, if none of this seems to work and you stop receiving emails from us, you can email and Chelsea can manually add you to the new mailing list. Please only do this if subscribing using¬†¬†doesn’t work.

Please note that during this transition period it is possible you will receive duplicate emails from us. Please disregard duplicate emails – the duplication should cease as soon as our transition is complete.

About the Author: Jason Horejs

Jason Horejs is the Owner of Xanadu Gallery, author of best selling books "Starving" to Successful & How to Sell Art , publisher of, and founder of the Art Business Academy. Jason has helped thousands of artists prepare themselves to more effectively market their work, build relationships with galleries and collectors, and turn their artistic passion into a viable business.


  1. Matt – we actually completed the move to Mailchimp. We had been using an in-house mail server and I decided it was time to retire it (along with all of it’s headaches). We are now 100% in with Mailchimp and very happy with the move.

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