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Jason Horejs is the Owner of Xanadu Gallery, author of best selling books "Starving" to Successful & How to Sell Art , publisher of reddotblog.com, and founder of the Art Business Academy. Jason has helped thousands of artists prepare themselves to more effectively market their work, build relationships with galleries and collectors, and turn their artistic passion into a viable business.


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      1. Hi Jason, thanks for taking the time in sharing your knowledge and experiences. I enjoyed it because you can listen while you work sometimes you just can’t find the time to get on the computer,so this works well for me 👍

  2. Hi Jason, great to hear you and good on you for “plunging”, I really like the way you connect to your followers and admire you for engaging so well. Re what I think of your podcast, it is well done and how it should be…I particularly think you should stay with vid’s where we can see you as this is where we maintain interest as I found that even though I am interested it was easy so drift from engagement so you could loose some interest from some followers, (In my honest opinion). “Nothing to do with how you have done it or any content, just easy for us to “go after a dog with a puffy tail” instead;
    Re browser issues for Julio it’s anti virus software issues not your cast (I am a computer tech if that helps Julio)

  3. Thanks Jason! I was able to have it running while I was working and that was really nice, not feeling like I had to stop what I was doing to watch. Good information and informative. I’ll look forward to your future pod casts!

  4. Jason, thank you for the podcast. I have listened to all of your previous videocasts and am glad you decided to start using the broadcast format again. They’re very good for the studio 🙂 And the sound is fine.

    I wanted also to add that I’m frankly appalled by the critical, ungenerous, and even rude responses of some of the previous comments. You have given so much already and I hope you won’t think these few individuals are representative of the rest of us. Sometimes I feel that the Internet is full of too many people with too much time on their hands and nothing positive in their own lives to think about!

    All good things,

  5. Enjoyed your podcast. The content of expanding on and commenting on your past blog articles and comments, sharing your understanding of Phoenix art gallery business formats and location choices and a personal business story kept my attention. You created a verbal magazine. Prefect for studio listening. Thanks, hope you continue.

  6. Very clear sound. I enjoy the audio only, I can still work on other things while listening. Congratulations on the plunge, we will be happy to take it with you, Ciao. Thanks.

  7. Jason — You are amazing to have carved out time for yet another way to offer us insights. I enjoyed the podcast because I could listen in the studio while painting and not be visually distracting. And this might interest you: though I’ve seen you on broadcasts many times, and met you in person, this was my first chance to just hear your voice. My favorite podcaster is Mike Duncan (“The History of Rome,” “Revolutions”), and when I heard your voice on podcast I was struck by how similar you two sound. Which tells me that you have a natural timbre and tempo for vocal broadcasting.

  8. Thanks Jason,
    It’s always interesting to hear what you have to say. I can relate to your commentary and it’s fascinating. I can appreciate that you are looking for more efficient and less time-consuming ways to communicate; and your messages are always helpful to artists. Thanks for all the knowledge and encouragement you contribute to this field.

    I agree that the distinction between fine and decorative art shouldn’t be a big deal. There is so much variety in collectors’ tastes and preferences, just as there is in paintings and sculpture. If an artwork brings beauty, satisfaction, and inspiration to someone, then it serves a great purpose.

  9. Thank you! I enjoyed listening to this podcast very much. I like both fine art and decorative art. When I purchase art for my home, I have to live with the art everyday. At museums we are visiting the art. That is where I like to experience art that challenges. As an artist , I create separate lines of prints and paintings but I have decided to only create prints of the paintings that people love right away. They find those pieces uplifting due to subject matter or color and are drawn to them emotionally. The images make them feel happy or peaceful. Some of my paintings are darker or more mysterious. I recognize that these pieces might be harder to live with on a daily basis. Yet, they seem to have their own , smaller audience. Plus, I think that they are important because we experience a wide range of thoughts and emotions in life so there is quite s bit of complexity. Anyhow, thanks for the discussion. Lauralee Franco

  10. Thank you Jason for this informative podcast. I was able to pack for a upcoming workshop while listening, so an excellent use of time for us both! I especially appreciated hearing your explanation of the galleries and museums in Scottsdale and Phoenix, and insight into the art selection for their markets; patron, client, benefactor. Also the story of the Seattle client was a good reminder of the demographic that makes up a city.

  11. I like the Podcast version very much, Jason. I listened to it in the early night time which works perfectly for me. While listening I could focus solely on what information and foresight you so kindly share with us as well as think about what my market would enjoy seeing in their space. It made me think about what is currently showing and might expand further for collectors. Loved the new style! Thank you, Jason. I look forward to Podcast 2 and more!

  12. Agreeing with what others have said, I like podcasts because I can listen and do other things at the same time. For me, it’s like radio, and I listen to a lot of radio. I enjoyed your first podcast and am looking forward to more.

  13. Some of the time was used to introduce the podcast of course, but I would like to see shorter future increments … thirty minutes, maybe? An hour is a really long time. Yes, you can do other things while listening but for us deeply focused people who shun multi-tasking, doing nothing but listening audio registers completely.
    I’m looking forward to the interactive podcast to have a Q and A conversation.

  14. I think you did a great job on your 1st podcast. Like anything else, you work out the kinks as you go. As an artist, I really appreciate your desire to help myself and other artists become better at what we do, and really just become better people! Thank you. – Ed McCarthy

  15. Thanks, Jason. This was very clear and something to listen to and learn from while working at the computer or in the studio. You are amazing with sharing your time and talent!
    Mary Montague Sikes

  16. Dear Jason,
    Your first podcast was a big success. This is not unexpected as your Mentorship Broadcast are already top notch. In fact the podcast format seems to fit well if not better than the visual format. If you don’t mind I would like to make one suggestion; the length of time could be a little shorter. Just over an hour is a long time to keep one’s undivided attention.

  17. Thank you Jason, enjoyed the podcast. Glad for the discussion on decorative versus fine art and felt the comment about it is really in the eye and heart of the beholder will close that subject and move on. Susan Wakefield

  18. Thanks Jason for your first podcast. Sharing your knowledge that you have learn for being in art gallery world really helps us understand it as an artist. The story you had for the closer was nice and insightful.

  19. Thank you for doing the podcast! I am an artist who is just starting to sell my work and your website and emails have been great. I was gathering my receipts together for 2016 taxes and listened while I was doing this…it made the task more pleasant. I love that you are encouraging artists to get their work out there, and am happy to say that I had a show in a bar in December and made far more sales than I ever could have imagined!

  20. Your podcast functions great, and as a person who usually likes to do multiple tasks at once, I much prefer listening over reading the blog posts, and how you set it up very similar with going over the main topic “Decorative art Versus Fine Art” first then reviewing people’s comments.

  21. Hi Jason! LOVE the podcast! I love being able to listen while working without needing to read or watch. Conversational approach is great! I also liked your blog post about “fine art” vs. ” decorative art” and found your dictionary reference to be a good tool. I shared that post link to my social media. I have had comments referring to my work as “art” not “Art”… hurtful to any artist who works hard to produce and then realize there are those out there who don’t understand the literal blood, sweat, and tears that go into the process. I’m glad to have some other opinions and literal definition to the contrary! 🙂 Love this podcast format. Look forward to being able to listen to more.

  22. I really enjoyed my time spent with you Jason. Yes it was long. Long and boring is one thing. But this was long, enjoyable and well worth the payoff in terms of value for me as an aspiring gallery artist.
    I will look forward to hearing your next audio podcast. I do like the audio as of course like many other artists, I listen to podcasts while I paint.

  23. This was great, Jason- clear, concise and interesting. I can see myself listening to future episodes in the studio. Thanks very much for all the information you provide artists- I really appreciate it.

  24. I loved the format; it was intimate and felt like a one-on-one conversation. I appreciated hearing from a gallerist point of view in the way only you can deliver. Thank you for all you do for artists. I attended your Nashville seminar years ago, and still inventory my work on the original Art Tracker that I bought that day!

  25. Jason,
    Unlike the Red Dot Blogs, the Podcast didn’t require me to stop what I’m doing to put my full attention on reading text. Like others who have commented, I was able to listen while doing other things. Yet, I found it to be quite easy to follow along — and every bit as informative as the blogs. Thank you for this new innovation in communicating valuable and interesting topics with all of us. Graham

  26. Just finished listening to your new podcast while painting in the studio. Enjoyed your stories and especially your take on that age old subject matter “fine art versus decorative art”. Looking forward to the next one, thank you!!!

  27. I enjoyed your first podcast, the audio foremat is friendly to studio time listening. Your blogs and this podcast reinforce what I have found, that gallery sales are generated by the accommodating composure of the sales person, who is sensitive to the looker and knowledgeable of the artist and the work. I look forward to your next.
    Figment Studio

  28. Hello Jason. You don’t know me yet, but I recently enrolled in the Art Business Academy. I’m developing responses to your queries in Lesson 1 and dipping into the well of archived conversations. I’m looking forward to working with you and confident that I’ll learn a great deal, both from you and from the artists in the Academy. More to the point, I appreciated the podcast. The presentation felt fresh and lively, the content was engaging, and it was nice to be liberated from sitting down and gazing into a screen. (While I was listening I organized studio supplies, washed brushes, watered plants, fed my pet chameleon, and made myself a smoothie!) I stopped and started the presentation a few times, and also backtracked and replayed when I thought I might have missed something or wanted to listen to a particular point of interest again. I experienced no technical problems whatsoever, using an older Mac laptop running OS X Yosemite and Safari 10.0.3. The podcast seems like a very useful addition to the toolkit, alongside the visual format offered by your Blog posts and artist panels. I wonder if the podcast might foster brief, impromptu messages focused on topics that bubble up in the course of things, or casual round-table conversations, or individual interviews. Thanks, and I hope you keep ’em coming.

  29. I really enjoyed this podcast and the generosity with which you shared it. The information was clear, well presented filled with ideas to chew on and put into practice. Thank you!

  30. ~ So ‘Interesting’ – ‘Fine vs Decorative – Art’ and ‘thank you’ Jason for going the extra mile with your podcast – – – My diffinition of the subject is when a canvas of mine is sold – It’s FINE ART. . . When working in a Houston Gallery several years ago – I was aware on a one to one when a sale happened with a customer with a ’emotional’ connection and that was also ‘fine’. In the recent years my sales are and have been commissions only of particular subject – size and color palette. Always painting two canvas for client to choose from – and have seen times when client’s freind would be interested later with the second ‘original painting’ . . . Best to you and your gallery 2017 – Carole Orr

  31. ~ So ‘Interesting’ – ‘Fine vs Decorative – Art’ and ‘thank you’ Jason for going the extra mile with your podcast – – – My diffinition of the subject is when a canvas of mine is sold – It’s FINE ART. . . When working in a Houston Gallery several years ago – I was aware on a one to one when a sale happened with a customer with a ’emotional’ connection and that was also ‘fine’. In the recent years my sales are and have been commissions only of particular subject – size and color palette. Always painting two canvas for client to choose from – and have seen times when client’s freind would be interested later with the second ‘original painting’ . . . Best to you and your gallery 2017 – Carole

  32. Very enjoyable Jason. I love hearing you talk about art, artists, the business from a gallery owner’s point of view and your experiences with collectors. I look forward to the next one!

  33. Jason,
    I listened while I worked and loved your response concerning FINE ART verses DECORATIVE ART. Painting moves me and if one of my paintings moves another,,,that’s enough for me!

  34. Hi Jason,
    Nice Podcast! I learned a lot by listening. To answer a person who thinks of some artwork as “decorative” and other art as “real art,” I like that you reminded them that there are individual buyers/art lovers for all kinds of artwork, and also individual galleries that suit those tastes. One artist wouldn’t try to answer every art-buyer’s need, and one gallery can’t do it either. I think of my own work as “garage band art” compared with some other art that I consider “symphony art,” but I’ve sold a lot of my paintings. Go figure. Thanks again for sharing your hard-gleaned knowledge with us.

  35. Good job jason. I prefer the videos. maybe a half hour more frequently would work even better.
    You always have so much good information to share but too many topics in one broadcast makes some get lost.

  36. Enjoyed the podcast. It seems to me that a gallery will show work that they resonate with and art that fills their particular customer base. The controversies over “fine art” vs “decorative art” seem a complex and convoluted topic. All art is decorative in the sense that it decorates a wall or space in an environment. Oh, I have a question. Jason said sales were strong in 2016 and heading in the right direction. Just curious about the direction: number of sales or type of art. Thanks

  37. Hi Jason, I love to hear you talk as much as you do :O) I so value having such a trusted and level-headed source of information. The podcast is wonderfully clear and thoughtful. Would love a title or header on specifically what it addresses, which maybe you will be adding to future ones. Look forward to hear what comes next!

  38. Thank you, Jason! I very much enjoyed listening to you. I can relate to everything you presented and have to say that I have never liked and respected you more. Your genuine, generous personality really came across. I feel more motivated than ever to create and expand the geographic reach of my art sales. I look forward to hearing you next installment!

  39. Great podcast, covering lots of ground. Heard you loud and clear. Particularly enjoyed hearing stories of your experiences from the gallery/with clients. The follow up to the decorative vs fine art blog was great too – I agree with your view on that topic! This format is great for multi-tasking, I listened to it whilst assembling a mixed media piece of artwork. Thank you for sharing more of your insights and wisdom with us.

  40. Hello Jason,

    Just listed to Podcast #1 and enjoyed it very much. I especially liked the feeling I got that I am gaining insight into the world of gallery sales. I appreciate the care you take in explaining things. You have a lovely voice so you should be happy to hear yourself talk. I liked the honesty there!! I share your philosophies about how we just have to do our work as we see it and enjoy the experiences and learning along the way.

    Susan Donahue

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