Museum Exhibition Review: Cezanne and American Modernism at the Phoenix Art Museum

Carrie and I recently spent a First Friday evening at the Phoenix Art Museum with their soon-to-end Cezanne and American Modernism exhibit. Let me say a couple of things right out of the gate – this is not a Cezanne show in the true sense of the word – there are only, perhaps, a little over a dozen Cezanne pieces in the show. Most of the paintings are somewhat minor works – no, that’s not quite right – let’s just say that they aren’t major works. This is a concept show presenting Cezanne’s work as a major influence on American painters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries (and beyond). The show argues that Cezanne influenced artists across the US, from those who saw his work in Paris, or at the Armory show in NY – to artists in Santa Fe and Taos who hadn’t even physically seen his work, but had seen photos (b&w) in magazines or as prints and were fundamentally moved by his brushwork, composition and style.

Included in the show are such major artists as Marsden Hartley, Maurice Prendergast, Arshile Gorky, Alfred Stieglitz and Man Ray. I particularly fell in love with several of Marsden Hartley’s works (an artist with whom I was only vaguely familiar).

The show ends September 26 – so if you haven’t made it down to the museum, I suggest you get a move on. Friday evening, September 3rd is First Friday when the museum offers free admission.

Take a minute to visit Phoenix Art Museum’s website for the show – including several interesting video clips on the show and visitor information.

I am also including several illicit photos of the show (photography is not allowed in the gallery) which were taken by … hmmmmmhmmm . . . an anonymous photographer.

Also, be sure and pay the few extra dollars for the headsets. Understanding the context and background of the work adds immensely to the show. Plan about an hour to see the whole exhibit.

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