Next on My Reading List: Caveat Emptor | The Secret Life of an American Art Forger by Ken Perenyi

What do you do if you can’t make it as an artist? I would reply “Keep working!” but Ken Perenyi took a different path. As a young starving artist, Perenyi began creating forgeries when ends didn’t quite manage to meet. Eventually it turned into a full-time vocation. Caveat Emptor ought to make a fascinating read when it hits bookstores on August 1st – Ron Howard has optioned the movie rights. Apparently crime does pay . . .

Source: The Guardian

Starving to Successful

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  1. Could this book turn out to be another James Frey incident? I hope the Lawyers vetted it well and I hope PEgasus knows what it is doing.

    August 2, 2012 9:46 PM
    Anonymous said…
    How did this NYT story come about? Readers wanted to know. The reporter, Ms Cohen, being in the NYT culture beat department, gets scores of books from publishers and she also regularly scans book catalogues looking for titles that look interesting and that she might want to write about one day. Lately, she’s been writing a lot about art forgery and one day she saw a book galley — ARC? — of Ken Perenyi’s book “Caveat Emptor,” which mentioned he was now selling “genuine fakes.” Patti noticed a few other references to similar practices and she proabably thought it would make a good news story, so she most likely discussed it with her NYT editor. Reporters in culture, as well as other sections like style and science, frequently travel to other places to do stories that are on their beat. That is why the fashion writers cover the catwalks in Paris even though the NYT has a bureau there, and NYT art writers go to Basel, Miami and Swtizerland, and their music reporter went with the Philharmonic to North Korea and so on. So this forger story was her beat, so she was the one to cover the story. The UK Guardian beat her to the scoop a full 10 days earlier, btw. Yes, the same story appeared in the UK on July 7. Patti most likely did what all good reporters do and called Pegasus Books to inquire, for her story, what kind of fact-checking measures their lawyers took to verify the author’s account. As in vetting. As for the timing of the story, a month before pub date, which means the PR coup by having a pre-publication story in the NYT about an upcoming book a full 30 days before pub date is priceless in terms of PR and book publicity, mind you. But bear in mind that stories about the book were beginning to appear in the British press, a good piece in the Guardian among others, and if Cohen waited any longer, until the real official pub date, August 20, the Times would have been late with the story instead of first. Well, the first in the USA. In fact, the Guardian did the story first, got the scoop, and it appeared online for worldwide readers a full 2 weeks before the Times late entry.
    And now you know …the rest of the story!

    August 2, 2012 9:56 PM
    dan said…
    Perhaps I should be asking who is putting you, Mr BLoom, up to this, and why the cover-up?

    ***(said someone to me the other day, and for reasons I cannot fathom. Putting me up to what? I am just a mere blogger with good radar. Sometimes I am right, sometimes I am wrong. Cover up? WTF? Who is covering anything up? If anything, this blog is exposing something.)

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