Online Critique Group Recording 2020-09-09 | Featured Artist Melicia Phillips

Melicia Phillips

Featured Artist September 9th: Melicia Phillips


Title: Filigree Pendant with Ruby
Medium: Sterling, fine and argentium silvers, ruby
Size: 1.5 inches
Price: 499.00

Title: Amethyst and Baroque Pearl Necklace with Mitsuro Hikime Pendant
Medium: Sterling, amethsyt, pearl
Size: 19 inches
Price: 249.00

Title: Sonoran Sunset Collection – Kingman Turquoise, Flame Painted Copper and Apache Gold Necklace with Hand Forged Leaf
Medium: sterling, copper, apache gold gemstone, kingman turquoise
Size: 16.5 inches
Price: 299

Title: Rose Quartz Drop Earrings with Fold Formed Sterling SIlver Leaves
Medium: Rose quartz, sterling
Size: 1.5 inches
Price: 149

Title: 14K gold Mitsuro Hikime Petal Earrings with Aquamarine
Medium: 14K yellow gold, aquamarine
Size: 1 inch
Price: 699


Requested Feedback from Artist:

General questions about how the jewelry shows.
What do people think about how the jewelry is priced.
Who do you think my market is.


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