Online Critique Group Recording 2020-11-11 | Featured Artist Sheryl Knight

Featured Artist November 11: Sheryl Knight


(click on artwork to see larger image)

Title: Autumn Reflections
Medium: oil
Size: 12×16
Price: 950.00

Title: Fall Color
Medium: oil
Size: 14×11
Price: 850.00

Title: Big Sur
Medium: oil
Size: 18×24
Price: 2200.00

Title: Rock Creek Waterfall
Medium: oil
Size: 16×20
Price: 1800.00

Title: Joy of Autumn
Medium: oil
Size: 20×30
Price: 3200.00



Artist’s Website:


Central Coast Vineyard Artist

Requested Feedback from Featured Artist:

What do you see as ways to improve my work?  I am always striving to grow and improve my art. I know contemporary work sells well, but I tend to be fairly traditional.   These five paintings are a sampling of current work available, but my website has many more images.

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