Photos from a Recent Sale

Last Monday, a client who had seen my father, John Horejs‘ work at the Mayo clinic stopped by the gallery to see more of the art in person. He had looked my father up online and had found our gallery. After talking with one of my gallery directors, Kristin, he arranged to have five of my father’s paintings, as well as five pieces by Michael Swearngin delivered to his newly built home so that he could see how they would work.

We delivered the the 10 paintings on Tuesday and helped him try the work in a number of different spaces. His home was incredible, and the artwork looked great!

We agreed to let him keep the work for a few days until his wife and designer could see it. He asked us to come back on Friday to help with the installation of the work he wanted to acquire, to bring out one more painting, and so that he could settle up on the purchase.

When we returned on Friday, we met his designer and she was awesome. Some designers impose their will on their clients, but not this designer. She was responsive to the client’s desires, helped him find the optimal placement for the artwork he liked, and even found the perfect spot for a painting he was going to send back because he couldn’t seem to find the right space for it.

We had our installers hang the work he was purchasing from us as well as the rest of his collection that had just been moved into the home.

In the end, he purchased nine out of the eleven artworks we had delivered, and he commissioned my father to create a large painting that will hang above the fireplace in the living room.

Congratulations to my father and Michael Swearngin – your work has found a great home! Congratulations to our client for building such a beautiful home and for enhancing it with artwork that he and his family will enjoy for many years to come!

It’s important to remember that no matter what you’re hearing about the economy or the art market, there are passionate art collectors out there looking to bring great artwork into their lives and homes.

Below are some photos of the home and artwork.

Exterior of our client’s home
Exterior of the home


The installers begin working on hanging paintings on the stone - not easy on drill bits!
The installers begin working on hanging paintings on the stone – not easy on drill bits!
Michael Swearngin - Chiaroscuro Cowboy I & II
Michael Swearngin – “Chiaroscuro Cowboy I & II”
John Horejs "Circle of Light" over the fireplace in the family room
John Horejs “Circle of Light” over the fireplace in the family room


John Horejs "Mirage" in the entryway
John Horejs “Mirage” in the entryway
John Horejs "Saguaro Ridge Sunset"
John Horejs “Saguaro Ridge Sunset”
View from the back yard
View from the back yard


Also sold (unable to get in situ photos)

Desert Sunset Colors by John Horejs

Desert Sunset Colors by John Horejs


“Horse Training-noon by Michael Swearngin


Love, Horses and Cowboys II by Michael Swearngin



Love, Horses and Cowboys III by Michael Swearngin

About the Author: Jason Horejs

Jason Horejs is the Owner of Xanadu Gallery, author of best selling books "Starving" to Successful & How to Sell Art , publisher of, and founder of the Art Business Academy. Jason has helped thousands of artists prepare themselves to more effectively market their work, build relationships with galleries and collectors, and turn their artistic passion into a viable business.


  1. Thanks for sharing the story and photographs of the recent sale. It looks like your clients made some great choices for their beautiful home.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful sale – good for you! Please know that I admire your work as a gallery entrepreneur – you are creative and your writing is kind, supportive and lucid! I always look forward to it… Warmly, Ginny Abblett

  3. Yes it is a beautiful house. The artwork makes it unique and a home ! I bet you are very proud of your father’s art.Especially when a client does a little detective work to hunt down his artwork and even commissions a new piece 🙂

  4. Jason, This piece affirms what I have learned from experience in the past year: passionate art lovers are out there! And the bigger pieces I paint, the better I sell!

  5. I took the time to look up John Horejs’ work when I first became acquainted with Xanadu Gallery and thoroughly appreciate his work. Lovely. The combination of his and Michael Swearngin’s gives a great dynamic of stylistic balanced against realism. Perfect in this home.

  6. An artist’s and gallery owner’s dream customer. What a beautiful home and perfectly placed art work. I think I reached my target heart rate just looking at the site images. Acquisitions like these keep us all going.

  7. Inspiring, especially since I will have a large number of my collages and paintings at a hospital display soon. You never know where a potential collector may come across your work! Thanks, Jason!

  8. Congratulations to you and your father. It is obvious that you both really worked hard for a well deserved sale. Yes we can help make luck happen with dedicated effort. Good Job.
    Mary Helsaple

  9. Looks fantastic, Jason! Absolutely amazing. I especially love the landscapes of your father. For the more abstract “Mirage” my first thought was, oh, it should have a 90° turn to the left, I see a church in the background and a street leading to the viewer. Just my first impression, but it looks amazing on the wall too. It’s always a special moment for an artist to see how perfect his artwork fits in its new home. Congrats to all of you.

  10. Congratulations to both you and your father on the sale. I was very impressed with how you handled the sale with the customer’s needs in mind. Artists and other gallery owners will surely benefit from from your experience with this client. Thanks for sharing!

  11. That is an inspiring story, thanks for sharing that Jason. As per your other blog entry on the death of the art gallery article, nothing could be further from the truth. Helping your client hang already existing pieces creates a memory of a long lasting relationship. One that can not be forged by simply having an internet presence alone.

  12. There is such joy in seeing how beautiful art work completes a beautiful home. Clients who know this are treasures. You have the perfect touch in guiding them through the whole process. congratulations to you and your dad and Michael Swearngin. This client is now a proud follower and collector of your artists and Xanadu Gallery.

  13. JASON……
    you never mentioned in your series on “how to get gallery representation” that having a son who owns a gallery is about as good as it gets…….(kidding)
    Congratulations to your dad and to you and your gallery. The clients home serves as a great showcase for your dads art. Continued success to both you and your dad.


  14. I tried hard to be complimentary but I’m going to fail.

    The paintings, whatever merit they may have, are entirely lost on the walls. The only thing visible is a sea of brown. Whoever thought placing the paintings “Michael Swearngin – “Chiaroscuro Cowboy I & II” equidistant from the top of the opening and the floor made a criminal faux pas. Disastrous! Rendering the artist no credit whatsoever.

    The most care seems to be from donning the blue over shoes but to truly display artwork to its best is all about positioning and lighting. Details matter enormously.

    After all, I was constructive.

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