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Thanks to all who attended this week’s podcast, Choosing Marketing Methods to Sell Your Art, with Xanadu owner Jason Horejs and artprintissues.com publisher Barney Davey.


For those who weren’t able to attend or would just like to listen again, the recording is now available for download. To watch, click the image below.


Remember, this is a large file and may take some time to download, depending on your connection speed. If you are on a Mac and the video doesn’t seem to play, you may need to download Flip4Mac (it’s free) to be able to watch the video in QuickTime.


Click here to download and watch the podcast
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Starving to Successful

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About the Author: Jason Horejs

Jason Horejs is the Owner of Xanadu Gallery, author of Dad was an Artist | A Survivor's Story and best selling books "Starving" to Successful & How to Sell Art , publisher of reddotblog.com, and founder of ARTsala. Jason has helped thousands of artists prepare themselves to more effectively market their work, build relationships with galleries and collectors, and turn their artistic passion into a viable business. Connect with Jason on Facebook


  1. I watched The webinar live the other night, It as one of the bestI have ever heard, Having sold 2 paintings about 3 weeks ago and won First Prize at a MA gallery this month it comes at a great time to keep up the momentem of selling
    I also e-mailed Barney, I have your book and his and the are both very helpful. Thank you both. I explained my process to Baarney and he felt it sounded like a unique process. I also do a lot of Photo Restorations.
    You can see both some of my paintings and the photo restorations on my web-site. I will be upgrading it very shortly.
    Thank you again and a Happy and a prosperous New Year to you, Gil Carvalho

  2. Sure appreciated the podcast. I was only able to hear the first half live because a grant writing seminar was booked that I had to attend. I enjoyed what I heard, reading your book has been a great help and it will be nice to hear the rest of your podcast, thanks for allowing it to be heard again. Keep up the great work, you are a great help to artists!

  3. Dear Jason Horejs,
    That was one of the best webinars I have seen. Thank you for the reminder as I was able to see it the other night live.
    I just sold 2 paintings about 3 weeks ago and have just one First Prize for a painting called fish abstract it was under
    the medium of Oil/mixd media at a gallery in MA. I e-mailed Barney Davey about the process nad he responded
    saying it seems like I had devoloped a unique process. most of the galleries do not understand it but they sell so they
    welcome me. It’s a combination of photos and painting on canvas of almost multiple subjects like Norman Rockwell
    used to do. I contacted him when he came to Rhode Island School of design in 1956 and finally come up with this
    process. I am giong to be adding more of these paintings to my website. they are coated with coaating that is guaranteed for over one hundred years. Have a Happy and prosperous New Year. My computer shut off before I finished this first e-mail so I’m sending this again. you may not havegotten the second one. Sorry ! Gil Carvalho

  4. Thank you very much for the inspirational webinars.
    As a marketing/sales professional turned artist I am very happy to learn that all that “Best practice” applied in marketing other products are to be applied in art – with a little specilization added.
    Looking forward to following Barney Davis and yourself.
    kind regards
    Lisbet Damgaard

  5. Really enjoyed this podcast, very informative. I’m looking forward to listening to it a few more times!
    It’s encouraged me that I am on the right track with my marketing efforts but I need to pick up the pace a bit 🙂
    Olivia A.

  6. Thank you very much for reaching out to artists with helpful information that is affordable. Maybe I can change some things after 45 years and do it right from now on. Your podcast was great.

  7. I am an Academic painter from city of Nis,Serbia.I work almost 40 years in al art techniques but prefer oil on canvas!
    I am finish High Art school in Nis from 5 years and after that art Academy in Skopje FRO Macedonia from 3 years and continue to make artworks till today.Many of my arts are solved all around the globe, in USA,Australia,Canada and in China and in Europe of curse in Germany in Greece and all around ex YU.I have only fey my art exhibit in my own
    and more group exhibit’s in many countries all around Europe!Now after death of my wife,I will continue to work in art
    until I can hold brushes in my hands,till the end of my life.

  8. You two guys are the best. Excellent podcast. I buy in to most everything you are saying, especially the Blogging part. We need to know more about blog. Barney, thanks for the heads up regarding your 52 Art Topics for Artists. I did go forward to spend a hundred bucks with Google Adwords. They offer free individual consultation for the first 60 days. Spent a half hour with a Google Adwords rep who helped me with target audience settings, and other good stuff. Impressions vs. clicks is important knowledge.

    Anyway, thanks again. You are helping me in so many ways.


  9. Hi, Thanks to all who commented here, or listened to our podcast. Jason and I enjoy putting them together and presenting them, but your feedback helps keep us motivated to keep cranking them out for you. Chuck, I’m very interested to learn how you experience working with a Google Adwords reps turns out. All the best! Barney

  10. It’s early in March and I finally listened to the whole podcast and thought it was terrific. I appreciated hearing helpful reasons for doing things like posting shows in free listings, writing press releases and increasing my attempts at getting publicity. I knew I should be doing these things but wasn’t always clear what that might do for me. I am learning to share anything someone has written about me with my followers.
    I’m finding that I don’t always understand how total strangers are finding me and they can’t always explain how they did except for telling me they found me through Google. I’m starting to feel that my increased internet presence and using links, links, and more links for everything I post on my two websites is increasing my exposure in a very positive way. That’s what I need to do on the local level a lot more and you made that very clear.
    Thank you both so much for all your great teachings.

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