Pricing Your Artwork to Sell | Podcast Video Recording Now Available

Thanks to all those who attended and participated in our broadcast, Pricing Your Artwork to Sell. We had a lot of fun doing the broadcast over Google Hangouts on Air and we’ve gotten great feedback on the content and format. If you missed the broadcast, it’s now available to watch as a recording on YouTube.

Pricing your art can be a huge challenge, watch this video to get a better understanding of the principles of pricing your art successfully.



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About the Author: Jason Horejs

Jason Horejs is the Owner of Xanadu Gallery, author of Dad was an Artist | A Survivor's Story and best selling books "Starving" to Successful & How to Sell Art , publisher of, and founder of ARTsala. Jason has helped thousands of artists prepare themselves to more effectively market their work, build relationships with galleries and collectors, and turn their artistic passion into a viable business. Connect with Jason on Facebook


  1. Hi Jason, Great seminar! I think it was a success and fantastically helpful. I am actually already on your website in the “Studios” section and I heard you say you’re in San Diego at the moment. I’m in San Diego north area – in Escondido, are you available for a studio visit? I’d like to invite you and your family to come by, as your time allows, see my paintings, enjoy a glass of wine and check out the nice view.
    Cathy Carey

  2. This was fantastic. I had tried to connect to some of your earlier webcasts without success. I learned a lot from your discussion today and look forward to anything you have to offer in the future. I don’t know how you found me and got me onto your email list a few years ago, but I am Very grateful you did it. I love receiving your very important emails and read each one with great interest. Thank you!
    Ila “Gene” M. Sampson I AM a woman, in spite of the spelling of my name.

  3. Thank you for this discussion on pricing artwork. I feel some of your suggestions will be very helpful to me.
    Perhaps because I am not a member of Google+, I had difficulty figuring out whether or not I had registered successfully; and I was unable to access the live broadcast, for some reason, so I was very glad to receive the notice about the video recording’s availability.
    I do like the visual component of the discussion. A couple things you might want to consider for future broadcasts is what the camera is seeing. There were some extraneous hand movements caught on camera, and it would help to improve your eye contact with the camera. You may also want to experiment with sitting at different distances from the camera–we could usually see only partial faces. Also, please consider the graphics; white type against the light blue background was difficult to read.

  4. Thanks, that was very helpful! The format was fine. (For an artist audience, more exciting backgrounds would be fun, but hey.) I liked getting to vote on the questions beforehand, so that the questions you answered were the most relevant.

  5. Really good discussion on pricing artwork. I tried watching it online live but for some reason it would stall out for long periods of time so I gave up. Once you sent the link today, however, when I viewed the video on YouTube there were no pauses so go figure. So thanks for sending the link because I would have been disappointed to miss it. Thanks to Barney also for his input. I also had a difficult time knowing where to register as there wasn’t anything to click or push to start the process. I just saw my gmail but when I clicked that, it brought me to my gmail account. So I have to figure out how to register beforehand. Any suggestions would be appreciated. When I went to the page when the video started at 8pm, it was up on the page. Just like anything new, it takes some practice.

    Pricing is the most difficult part of the art business process. I had hired an art consultant several years back and she gave me a sq. inch sheet geared to my work. It was very helpful and eliminated a lot of distress. However, she never mentioned about how often or how much to increase prices and with the economy the way it was, I kept things the same for the last 2 years. Now I feel inspired to raise prices after listening to your broadcast. Thanks.

  6. Listening in Melbourne, Australia. So informative, interesting and useful. Your newsletters, blog, website and books are such a wonderful source of relevant information that I haven’t found anywhere else. This format of delivery was excellent, great to see and ‘meet’ you through the video. Loved it.

  7. I was unable to catch, actually didn’t even know about the live broadcast…. I was painting all day and didn’t even check my e-mail until 11 tonight. Just watched the broadcast and loved it. All too often I am unable to listen to information I direly need because I am tied up with another task. Thank you so very much!!!
    Warm regards,

  8. thank you thank you thank you for posting this. i missed the ‘live’ event yesterday, and was very happy to find it here.
    i am ‘that artist’ guilty of pricing my work too low. Although my work sells at the gallery I’m associated with, many people have told me my prices are too low.
    you have given me great suggestions on how to go about doing that.
    I now feel I am in a perfect position to increase my prices

    ps: i really enjoyed the video podcast. it made it a lot easier to focus on the content by having the visual component. i offer one suggestion in the form of constructive critique: both you and barney, you should look into the camera, instead of the computer screen when speaking. doing this will establish better eye contact with the viewer, and help communicate your points easier. often during the podcast, i found myself missing some of what you were saying because i was trying to figure out what you were looking at.

  9. I love this format. It is nice to see faces. I do have some suggestions though. The bright light behind you was very distracting as far as video goes. Also, you are too close to the camera. I think if you show a little more personality and your humorous side that would be great. Make it fun and informative. In video you want to do staging, it doesn’t need to be much. I loved the content and it just reaffirmed what I knew (instead of what people around me think and say I “should” do!) and that feels great!!! I also agree with Charlotte’s suggestions! Thank you!

  10. Very informative! I was not able to register, as I’m not a Google+ member, so was glad to see the broadcast available on your blog. Thank you for all the info. you share with us. 🙂

  11. Thank you for the pricing info.. My colored pencil drawings have always made for difficult pricing as no one else around here uses this medium. Your advice is basically the strategies I use. I have been working in this medium for over 35 years, and have done my best to create an “informed market” to justify my pricing, however I’m pretty certain my prices are still too low, due to where I live and the kinds of venues available to me. What I clearly do need to do is expand my market. I would appreciate advice as to how to safely make sales from a website (Paypal account?). I have been approached by many scammers supposedly wanting to buy art off my website. Luckily my website is out of date and most of the work has sold, plus “red flags” were apparent to me when I received the scam emails, so I was not taken in. My outdated website (I cannot afford to pay for update help) is only accessible for updates via my old laptop which is on its last legs, so my plan is to start a new website (blog?) with a link to the old, “archived” one. Any advice on a website or blog creation company good for artwork & music? I’ve no idea how to do this on my own, but want something I can do myself so I don’t get in the fix I’m in with my old one, of having to pay an expert I can’t afford.

  12. Hi Jason, I enjoyed your broadcast. One thing might be changed is the yellow lettering is very hard to see. Maybe, change the color. I would love for you to look at my web site. It is 10 years old. Is it necessary to spend the money to upgrade, and put my newest work on it? What do you think of my website? Thank you for being there for us.

  13. Gentlemen- This was wonderful as it raised a lot of questions, despite my firm convictions that my business model is right on target…I’ve stayed in business for 40 years, successfully climbed my art world ladder, and have actually never done any of the formulas you’ve suggested. I’m happy with my 1 to 1.5 times foundry price point, which keeps my work affordable, and pays for the expenses of producing it quite nicely. I’m guilty of getting emotional over pieces I think are big hits and raise their prices…you are so right, I am the last one to know another persons artistic taste.

    I’ve learned to control my production costs, both in the studio, at the gallery and art consultant levels, and at the foundry. My biggest challenge in the new economy is to keep the sales coming in, in an art world where the prospecting tools keep shrinking.

    I liked that fact I could “tune in” to this at my leisure- this format is really a great tool! Gregory

  14. Jason. Thank you for making this available. I wanted to listen on Friday night and got home too late. While I’ve been listening, I checked out the website and plan on submitting some work for jury review in the next few days. It looks like you’ve established an interesting forum and it really helps to see you speak in person.

  15. Dear Jason and Barney,
    I always have agonized over pricing. An artist has to make a profit to keep going but, I often price too low because I fear no sales. Thank you for all your great advise. You are both truly generous and kind to share your knowledge. This has been so helpful!!!

  16. Hi Jason, I listened to your broadcast yesterday. Great info! I have a question. My work is in a few offline and currated online galleries, one of them decided to add shipping to the price of the artwork in order to offer free shipping to their clients. I want to make it easy for visitors on my website to purchase my work. So, I was thinking of puting pricing on all my pieces with links to where to buy. But because of the price increase on the pieces in that gallery, now I have paintings of the same size with different prices… For these pieces would it be better for me to not put the prices on these paintings and just the link to that gallery? I would love any recommendations on this issue.

    1. Lisa,

      Thanks for listening – and great question. I’d need a little more information to give a definitive answer, but here are some thoughts. First, it depends a bit on how much they are adding for shipping. If it’s less than 20%, you are probably close enough for it to be okay. You might just list that the price includes shipping. If the difference is more than 20% then you do have a challenge and your solution of listing the gallery contact info is probably best. I see what the gallery is trying to do, and shipping often ends up being comped any way, so it’s not a bad idea to try and build it in – they are just at a disadvantage online when competing with your other vendors who don’t add the shipping into the retail.

      Another thought, What about contacting your other venues and raising the price to also include shipping?

  17. Jason,

    Thanks so much for answering me so quickly! Looks like they are adding 10-12%. Usually, it’s more the online galleries who want to offer free shipping. But, on the other sites who do this, I have control over my pricing and I didn’t increase them to include shipping in order to keep my prices the same everywhere. I like the idea of listing that the price includes shipping on these particular pieces. That’s what I will do!

    Thanks again for resolving another mind boggling dilemma on pricing!!! 🙂

  18. Loved the broadcast! Was not able to log in for the broadcast for some reason, but watched it later. Loved the perspective offered from both of you on the biggest issue we all have as artists…pricing! Appreciated the comments on your perspective on how the print market hurts/helps artists. Have found galleries in our area very quick to dictate what artists should/should not be doing regarding not only prints, but what media artists should be working in. As you pointed out, it’s a global market out there. Perhaps it’s not a bad idea to go outside your area to find your personal “sweet spot” and do what works for you and focus on looking for a gallery with a more up to date perspective on the art business!

  19. Love this format. So much useful information.
    I may go for your gallery online venue much sooner than I believed possible.

    Jan Schaeffer

  20. Beyond using — say, the square inch formula — how does framing figure into pricing? Some of my paintings are a little more contempory and are on thick gallery wrap canvases (no frame) ….. while others are more traditional and are on regular canvases that ARE framed. The frames (usually custom frames) vary in price quite a bit, even if they are the same size. Sometimes there is a frame that is so fantastic for a piece, I will spend a lot more for it. One of my gallery owners told me that (for example) a 36×36 gallery wrap painting should sell for the same price as a FRAMED 36×36 painting. That would leaving me eating quite a bit of money for the frame. What are your thoughts on pricing framed vs. unframed work (of the same size and quality). Thank you very much.
    Sandra Stevens

  21. Very helpful to have this available at any time rather than a scheduled set time. I agree with the suggestions about eye contact, more distance from the camera.

    Teresa McNeil MacLean, the best place I know of for artist websites is Very professional, very good to deal with. My website is not with them, but if I didn’t have such a good designer already set up, I’d go to FASO. And have you checked with the Colored Pencil Society of America? They are a super organization, very professional. If you begin to follow them, you’ll learn how other cp artists price.

    Barney, I found your take on Google+ quite interesting. I’ve been a member for a couple of years with no clue how to use it. Guy Kawasaki has a book out – “What The Plus”, which I have on order. He is a marketing expert, and very personable and easy to understand.

    Now, I need to go raise my prices. Thank you, Jason!

  22. Very informative. I often ask galleries ab0ut price points for my work. They sometimes seem as clueless as I am about pricing. They usually start with “Well how much do you want for it?”
    Then I will say a price that is around the average price of other pieces in their gallery.
    Problem is that my work is unique and it’s hard to find comparable pieces from other artists.
    So I try to show what I’ve already sold, the venue, and how much it sold for, and try to use that as a guide.

  23. Thank you so much Jason and Barney!
    I do love this format . .on Google Plus . . compared to the pod casts . .
    You ROCK Jason!!
    Xochi Hughes Madera

  24. Hi Jason and Barney,
    thank you so much for sharing this info, you are both very generous with your knowledge!
    One problem I find with pricing on my website is that it doesnt allow for different shipping costs depending on the country. I live in Australia and offer free shipping to Aussie buyers but as overseas shipping is so costly I have to ask overseas buyers to contact me for a shipping quote.
    do you have any suggestions of ways around this?
    The Art market in Australia isn’t particularly good right now and I see lots of professional artists here dropping their prices by up to 50% which really looks bad.
    If I put my prices up too high to cover shipping then I wont get sales – can be a dilemma.
    anyway, thanks again,

  25. I missed the live cast, but made time today. Glad I did! Jason and Barney you always are so willimg to give us so much information. I am now encouraged to go outside my local market now, and do even more research.
    Thank you,

  26. I found the Google plus on Pricing your Artwork to be most helpful. Loved the format and look forward to more of these. I am sending to my art friends and sharing your Facebook page. Thanks Jason for what you are doing. I think that I will be purchasing Barney’s book on Prints as they have always been a problem to me in deciding what to do. I already have bought your book on the Starving Artists. LOVE IT. Thanks a bunch.

  27. This Price discussion was very interesting. As an a former Art Director and illustrator in the publishing business, I have based my art work on a curve with commercial work. Since I have exhibited in various venues, my clientele has varied in taste and affordability. I have found that my pricing must be consistent from venue to venue. I have had several collectors question my pricing since it was inconsistent with previous prices at different venues. This can be very embarrassing, and I have taken steps to avoid this issue. It is best, in my opinion, to be consistent no matter where you are showing. I want my clientele to know that my art’s worth does not fluctuate, regardless of the venue, be it gallery, public space, or website. It is incumbent on the artist to establish his/her value and show prospective collectors that you are fair and steady with your pricing.

  28. I think is great, good information, always good to put a face and I think been more specific on pricing formulas ands possible sample would be great

  29. Thanks very much for this balanced and informative discussion. I do a lot of photo essays and am starting to think about getting into exhibiting my photos, so I really learned a lot from it!

    Btw, I think that quote is “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” – Marcus Aurelius

  30. Very timely. I was just talking about these topics yesterday. Asking more than talking. Thanks for some focus and good solid advice. Especially that offer your largest piece first idea. I tend to guess what range people would be at and start there. It is a mistake.

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