RedDot Podcast Episode 002 | An Interview with Artist Dave Newman


Dave Newman’s Studio

Examples of Dave Newman’s Work

All Arizona by Dave Newman

All Arizona

by Dave Newman

Fire Chief by Dave Newman


Fire Chief

by Dave Newman

Matchbook Chief Series by Dave Newman

Matchbook Chief Series

by Dave Newman

Motel, Tee pee and Pool by Dave Newman

Motel, Tee pee and Pool

by Dave Newman

Thunderbird Series #9022 by Dave Newman

Thunderbird Series #9022

by Dave Newman

View More of Dave’s Work on (don’t click on this link until you are finished playing the podcast)

About the Author: Jason Horejs

Jason Horejs is the Owner of Xanadu Gallery, author of best selling books "Starving" to Successful & How to Sell Art , publisher of, and founder of the Art Business Academy. Jason has helped thousands of artists prepare themselves to more effectively market their work, build relationships with galleries and collectors, and turn their artistic passion into a viable business.


  1. This was great Jason. I look every day for artist interviews to listen to because I find their lives so interesting. Especially love being in their studios while I listen.

    Thank you Jason. I can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Really interesting interview Jason, I loved learning what makes Dave artist world tick!
    I agree with Dave, there are so many interesting, talented artists out there, and so lucky Dave & so many other artist share their experiences, and give great advice. Thanks for the opportunity you give us to learn about other artists and how they work. Looking forward to more interviews😋

  3. Loved the interview with Dave. I specially liked his story about how he started out and what jobs he had to help mold his personality and business sense. I also admired his nieveitay to what it actually took to be successful. He was fortunate to take the paths he took and good that the steps were done without hesitation. Sure he had his dry times as all artists do, but his inner strength and family support is what kept him going. He believes in himself and this is key! The art relationships are also the key to his foundation as both an artist and Gallery owner.
    Jason the questions you asked were personal and necessary to draw the answers out so that we as artists can learn from a successful artist. I love listening to artists stories because it makes me feel like i am not alone nor have unusual mind sets at times. Good approach in doing the podcast. Thank you both.

  4. I enjoyed the interview very much!! Very interesting to hear the dynamics between you two several years ago. I also appreciated to hear about all the doubts and his state of mind at every stage of his career. It is nice to know how all of us go through similar circumstances.
    You are a great interviewer Jason!!

  5. Loved the podcast and learning about Dave’s journey. Appreciated his insights and advise. Looking forward to listening to future podcasts.

  6. Well done Jason, another excellent interview! I love your podcasts with Barney Davey. I’m an emerging artist & your work is helping me so much so a big thank you to you & Barney…

  7. Great interview. I have known Dave and his wife Donna for many years, very good people, love his work, and their little gallery on Whiskey Row. I really liked the stories about the art festival circuit, funny and insightful. Keep up the excellent work!

    Christopher Roche

  8. Love the interview!!! Enjoyed the journey talk of his pre gallery days. As usual nobody is an overnight sensation or success. Was interesting hearing about the relationship between you and Dave. Love to have more podcasts like this.

  9. I enjoyed the interview because he discussed his transition from doing shows full time to being in galleries. I am in the outdoor are show stage of my career and am encouraged by his story that there can be a gallery future. And I like his non traditional media.

  10. I really enjoyed this podcast. The artist interview format is a great addition to the programming you’re developing. I loved hearing how Dave got into art and how he was able to go all-in with it. His comments on being an artist and the business of art were also very helpful as I explore my own means to make art my business. I especially liked the commentary near the end of the podcast regarding today’s easy access to information and how the digital age has fundamentally changed (for the better) our ability to gain exposure to art and artists in ways past generations didn’t have. I think in all we do to develop the artistic dialogue, it’s important to tie the discussion back to the value that new technology and innovations bring to fine art. Thanks so much!

  11. I was really inspired by this interview. Dave was so articulate about the sources of his inspiration and his journey. I love his ” just keep going attitude.” I was at first surprised when Dave named Jean-Michel Basquiat as one of his influences, but then both artists have a kind of raw, seemingly unstudied style based on popular culture. For Basquiat it was about the culture (or counter culture) of graffiti; for Dave it seems to be about the scraps and icons of American culture. I love his work.

  12. Love the podcast format! I often didn’t have time to read the blogs even though I found them enjoyable and beneficial. Now I can listen to the podcasts while I paint. Thanks!

  13. Jason, your podcast format is a perfect and very natural extension of what you offer. I especially loved this interview with Dave Newman! The person to person interaction, the stories and histories revealed are so natural in the podcast format.

    Of course, with the addition of images of Dave’s work and studio shots, the stage is set for an insightful listening experience: just like I am in the room with you two! Dave, it is great to hear the tip of the iceberg of your journey as an artist to date. I really enjoyed hearing about your histories together…

    Thank you Jason and thank you Dave!

  14. Thank you Jason for the chance to be on your first podcast! It really was like we are just talking sitting around the table chatting,which we kinda were! Thanks everyone for the nice comments and feedback. We are all lucky to make the world a better and happier place sharing our art.
    All the best to everyone out there in art land.

  15. Thank you that was really fun. to here what other artist are doing and other gallery owners.Hope for more to come .Hosana Eilert
    Wild West Weaving silver city nm

  16. Thank you. Enjoyed the interview. My art is completely different but it is always so nice to hear artist story and more about them. I grew up in Huntington Beach, close to Anehiem, so that was interesting. And now my sister lives in Prescott, so I’ll be sending her your way! (I’m sure she’s already been in the gallery, but I’ll tell her to say Hello!)

  17. thank you Jason and Dave. I really enjoyed the interview. So informative to learn about Dave’s development and journey to create his art. These stories always inspire me. I don’t know how I would learn about such things without these kinds of interviews. So, thanks. I especially enjoyed hearing about the strong, long-lasting relationship you have created together.

  18. Loved listening to the interview with Dave and hearing about his artwork and path to becoming an artist. It was wonderful to gain a real insight into his work and practices. The strength of your relationship came through loud and clear. The conversation flowed naturally and I could have listened to you for another half hour. Thank you both.

  19. A great interview with a down to earth approach to being an artist. I totally agree that a personal touch to selling art is very important. A client will remember a smile and pleasant conversation long after they make a purchase. It goes along with their appreciation of their art choice; whether at an outdoor show or a gallery. Look forward to seeing/hearing more interviews. Thanks for this blog. Love from Canada.

  20. Jason, thanks for the interview, great job. I love listening to all your podcasts, thanks for taking the time and putting these together. Hope to get down to Scottsdale some day to your gallery and Daves in Prescott too. Nice work Dave.

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