While we don’t generally get as many visitors to the gallery during the hot summer months, the ones who brave the 115 degree days usually do so because they are on a mission.

This was exactly the reason that brought the Johnson* family into Xanadu last week. The Johnsons had traveled all the way from Massachusetts for the sole purpose of buying a few new pieces of art for their walls. I had the pleasure of helping them acquire a stunning piece from Xanadu Gallery, a large vitreous enamel piece by Zingaro. The Johnsons loved the piece immediately, but wanted to peruse all of the galleries in the area, and before they left they asked for my best offer.

After they were out the door, I admit that I felt a little discouraged. Was there something else I could have said to convince them not to look any further? As the day passed, I saw the Johnsons walking up and down the block, darting in and out of the other galleries.

Finally, just before closing, the Johnsons returned. They had, indeed, purchased another piece of artwork that afternoon, but they had been sure to leave room in their budget for their favorite piece of all. In the end, I learned that part of being a good salesperson is not only helping your client acquire an amazing piece, but being patient in the process!

*Name is changed for privacy


By coincidence, Jason happened to be in New England giving workshops when the piece was scheduled to arrive. We called the client and let them know that he would be happy to come and uncrate and hang the piece. The piece arrived just minutes before Jason, and he was able to uncrate and hang the piece for the clients, who appreciated the spectacular service (2400 miles to hand install!)

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About the Author: Ashley Sinclair

Director of Marketing for Xanadu Gallery, lover of art, music and all things creative.


  1. Wow -hearing that someone like Jason, who has so many years of art sales experience, wonder what he could have done differently and was a little discouraged that a potential clients left the gallery without his closing the sale, is encouraging to me in my selling attempts. Many times I agonized over the “one that got way” and berated myself for my lack of selling skills & experience, when in fact the client wasn’t ready to commit right then and needed a little more time to think it over . This posts shows me that every sales person doubt themselves at times.

    As Jason says in the end the art of selling is all about being patient, but in addition I always remind myself to remember that it’s not about me and my needs, it’s about my client’s needs. As long as I’ve done everything I could to close the sale, remembering this takes away the sting of disappointment.

    Thanks for sharing this Jason!

    1. Thanks Fiona- this was actually posted by Ashley who handled the sale, but there are certainly times I wonder what I could have done differently to make a sale happen as well – it’s a process!

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