Take Xanadu Gallery’s 2016 State of the Art Survey | Share your Experience in the Art Market – See How Other Artists are Faring

We are pleased to announce the opening of Xanadu’s fifth annual State of the Art Survey. The survey is an opportunity for artists to share their experience of the last year and get a sense of the health and direction of the broader art market.

What have you seen happening over the last year? Did your sales improve? What are your expectations for 2016?

We invite you to respond to the State of the Art Survey and share your experiences and perception of the art market. Artists from around the globe will participate in the survey. The survey includes 20 questions and should only take a few minutes to complete.

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Your Responses are Private

The survey is administered by zoho.com and is completely anonymous – there will be no way for us, or anyone else, to trace your responses back to you.

Limited Time to Participate

The survey is only open through January 23nd, 2016, so please respond at your earliest convenience.

We  encourage broad participation in the survey so we can get the most comprehensive view of the market possible. Please share the survey with your artist friends and encourage their participation.

Thank you for taking time to participate in the survey and for passing it on to other artists.

Results of the Survey

The results of the survey will be posted here after the survey closes on January 22, 2015. There is no charge to take the survey and the results will be available for free. There is no cost to participate in or see the results of the survey.

A Note to Those Who Submitted Suggestions for Questions in the Survey

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions for us to consider adding to the survey. We’ve incorporated a number of the questions into the survey. There were a number of excellent questions submitted that fell outside the scope of the survey. Even though we haven’t included those questions in the survey, we will be using these questions in upcoming posts to start conversations around these additional topics, so keep an eye out for your question!

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About the Author: Jason Horejs

Jason Horejs is the Owner of Xanadu Gallery, author of best selling books "Starving" to Successful & How to Sell Art , publisher of reddotblog.com, and founder of the Art Business Academy. Jason has helped thousands of artists prepare themselves to more effectively market their work, build relationships with galleries and collectors, and turn their artistic passion into a viable business.


  1. Unable to complete your survey since it tells me there is an error and the question of how much of my income come from original , print or whatever. I tried all choices and nothing is correct according to the survey. I derive 100% of my income from my work. I will say, 2014 was my worst year in the business until 2015 and that was the worst. I have had four galleries close! I am now looking for a new gallery.galleries to represent me. I have been a full time artist for 40 years now! As bad as the early 80’s were, they don’t even compare to how bad the last two years have been.
    John Cox

    1. Hi John – it looks like that questions was requiring a percentage selection for each line. We fixed it so it should work now with just one selection.

      Hopefully ’16 is the turning point!

  2. A couple of things came to mind during your survey. I wish you would have included a comment or note question at the end so I could have added this:
    1. Regarding the question about how much money was spent on marketing, I think it might also be important to ask how much time is spent on marketing. For example I can maintain my website and do quite a bit of Facebook marketing but those don’t cost me any money. Marketing through those venues is pretty much free.
    2. I think it might also have been cool to an additional question to distinguish how many places display your art for sale in addition to galleries. For example I have one piece in a gallery but I also derive sales opportunities from displaying in a vape shop, a restaurant, a bank, and an insurance company. While these aren’t as ‘professional’ as displaying in an art gallery – I think it’s pertinent data to collect…especially given your article last week that talked about this sort of thing (and the amount of conversation and comments that article provoked).

  3. One more thing – the question in the survey that asked what style of art I produced really made me have to do some research and think about the type of art I like to create when the piece is coming from my heart and isn’t designed as a specific type of gift for a person or for a commission. None of the top-line options you listed seemed applicable so I am glad you had an option to list a different style of what could be applicable. Because of the time I took to research this question, I was not only able to learn more about art styles but was able to indentify that my art is fauvism – a term I had never heard before now. I have had very little official art instruction. I worked for Coca-Cola for many years as an analyst and in sales. A few years ago I was forced into disability due to chronic migraines. I’ve always been creative and have done my art as a hobby but now I’m developing my art on a more professional basis to make ends meet. (I wanted to explain all that as some of you might have found it art that I commented on having little to no knowledge about art styles.)

  4. It’s always interesting to see the results of your annual survey. I’ve noticed a big change this year that isn’t reflected in these particular questions, but I wanted to share it for discussion. Did anyone else notice that their gallery sales were down in 2015? Five of the six galleries that represent me did not have robust sales, though it turned out to be my best year for sales ever. This was due to many more people contacting me directly after seeing my work online, either via my website in a search or on Facebook. (I then ran the sale or commission through a gallery.) Also, I noticed a trend towards my customers buying very large and oversize work, especially on commission. And lastly, more and more I am aware of a large group of young artists in my region who have huge followings on social media and sell their work as fast as it’s produced directly to their customers, with no gallery representation. I think this is what is hurting sales at traditional galleries in this region. I am interested in trends but perhaps this is just my perception….?

  5. I think there are not enough options for the 2nd question. Especially after reading many of your responses to the Reddot Blog, it is obvious to me that many of your readers are earning a major portion of their income from either Social Security or a pension of one kind or another. Some artists are in art-related jobs like running a gallery or frame shop, or participating in some other work not as a job but as a way to make a living that allows them to continue to produce art–not just as a hobby–perhaps as a kind of obsession!
    In question 9 I think there should be another option–“none of the above” and/or “other”–please specify–is it art-related?

    1. I agree with the comment that question #2 needs more answers. I couldn’t continue unless I filled in one of the four answers, so I clicked one of them although it was not an accurate description.

  6. Hi Jason, I have been selling a lot through television so since that wasn’t an option in the survey I treated it like a gallery (some do hold and display work). Hope that’s okay. I also noticed that on the last page there’s a question, I think it was about predicting sales in 2016 but the options are all 2015. Always fun to participate, thank you. I look forward to seeing the results!

  7. Dear Jason,
    It was fun to participate, thanks. A little detail I would like to comment on is that art prices vary greatly depending on the country where the sales take place. For instance, it’s very different to sell a piece in South America, than in the US or Europe, where prices can be easily two or three times higher. The truth is most of the time we must adjust to the market reality, at least I did in 2015. I hope to do it again this year but on the opposite direction, going up! Best wishes

  8. I make my income as a pro commercial photographer, specializing in architectural and interiors assignments. I also shoot for personal pleasure and gain, but it is a small % of my income. I chose not to submit the answers of the survey as I felt I didn’t quite qualify. It is my intention though, to share more of my personal work with the world and hopefully derive some future retirement income through print sales. I wanted to mainly throw this idea into the conversation: I have had dozens of exhibits at mainly community arts groups galleries that have lead to tons of friends in the art business but also tons of work commercially. One example was a show of new work 4-5 yrs ago. When I sent out the email blast, it landed on the right desk at the right time and I was awarded an assignment totaling $11000 and the results are worthy to be exhibited too. All my shows have had a net gain like this (not as much $) sometimes from a few sales but most often from new contacts who will hire me for architectural assignments. In the end I derive pleasure from my personal work and can parlay that into more lucrative commercial work that I also enjoy!

  9. Hi Jason, I have been reading your educational material about the world of art and I have enjoyed your materials, comments of others and the update of art in Arizona and beyond. Thank you. My family lived in Tucson and Phoenix. I was especially excited about the art center in Scottsdale. I always enjoyed seeing how the community has grown through the years. However, I have done most of my art studies and artistic career in Los Angeles, San Diego (SDSU), San Francisco and San Jose. I love to travel the Southwest, and my enjoyment of this are subjects for many of my larger paintings. I am currently preparing to show my current work locally in San Jose and Los Gatos. Deanna

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