Update from Pinetop!

In mid-April, Carrie and I decided to take an opportunity to lease a space in Pinetop, Arizona and open a second gallery. The ensuing two months have been a whirlwind of activity as we’ve built out the gallery space, organized artwork, and dealt with the thousands of little details involved in getting a gallery open. I’m excited to let you know that we officially opened last week!

Members of the Art Gallery Insider program have been following the progress in detail, but I want to give a quick update to Reddotblog readers in the form of a short photo journal.

The potential gallery space on my first visit in April.
Though the space had previously housed retailers, over the last year or so it had become a storage space for the other businesses in the center. It was going to take some work to clean it up and transform it into a gallery. A lot of work!
Because all of the contractors in Pinetop are busy building homes (hopefully for our future customers!) I had to take my own contractor, Jose, with me. Jose is amazing. He has done almost everything in the construction industry, has an architecture degree, and can draft plans on the fly.
Loading the trailer for our first trip up to Pinetop. Mark Twain made the trip along with our steel studs, tools, and building equipment.
The space emptied out, ready for us to begin.
Framing in the walls
Jose put me to work – though I was limited to the low-skill work 🙂
Happy to have finished all of the framing.
We had to be sure to sign our work.
Making adjustments on the fly. Jose’s drafting skills were invaluable.
Miguel also drove up from Phoenix to install the Sheetrock. He was amazing – he installed all of the drywall in about 5 hours.
A view of the drywalling and track installation in progress.
High Country Signs created and installed our signs. This wasn’t an easy installation, but they did a great job.
Marquis signs out on the main road.
Just to keep things interesting, we got some May 23rd snow. Pinetop is at an elevation of about 6,800 ft; snow isn’t unusual late into May.
Back in Scottsdale, loading up another trailer full of art. My daughter Mikell (pictured here on the right) just graduated and is going to be working in Pinetop through the fall.
Hard at work, priming the Sheetrock.
After painting, the place is beginning to look like a gallery!
Victory photo as we finished the build out. Jose’s work here is done.

Construction clean up begins

Laying the art out for display

The Xanadu Pinetop crew.

Our first sale!

Take a video tour of the new gallery:

Don’t forget to check out the Art Gallery Insider program for in-depth insights into what it has taken to get the gallery up and running, including how much it cost to get started, my philosophy about gallery display, exactly what it takes to get ready to open, the challenges and delays we ran into along the way, and much, much more.

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About the Author: Jason Horejs

Jason Horejs is the Owner of Xanadu Gallery, author of best selling books "Starving" to Successful & How to Sell Art , publisher of reddotblog.com, and founder of the Art Business Academy. Jason has helped thousands of artists prepare themselves to more effectively market their work, build relationships with galleries and collectors, and turn their artistic passion into a viable business.


  1. Beautiful gallery Jason. I loved all the photos, but my very favorite was the construction beams with your and Jose’s signatures. Best of luck with the new space!

  2. Awesome, Congratulations! The gallery looks fantastic.
    I’m from Vancouver, Canada, but my in-laws used to live in Pinetop so I’m familiar with the area.
    All the best to you!

  3. Congratulations to you and your awesome team! I wish you every success. The gallery looks beautiful.

    1. Exactly what I wanted to say!!!

      Jason, Thank you for sharing with, and investing in, so many other artists who are inspired by your vision and joy in the process. All the best – and yes, ‘definitely will make it to Pinetop next time in AZ!
      DC life for now

  4. Wow! What an incredible space! You have created a warm and welcoming environment. My thoughts will be with you as I follow this story

  5. Thanks for sharing your journey Jason. It was wonderful to see the transformation into a beautiful gallery. Congratulations and wishing you all the best in Pinetop’s Xanadu 2!

  6. Thanks for sharing your journey Jason. It was wonderful to see the transformation into a beautiful gallery. Love that red wall…would you share your colour choice? Congratulations and wishing you all the best in Pinetop’s Xanadu 2!

  7. Hi Jason. Thanks for the video. In the beginning of it I was noticing a building in front of your building and was wondering about visibility from the street. I had thought it was a clear shot from the street but not so sure that’s the case. How much can you see from the street of your building?

    1. There is a jeweler in the building you saw, but there’s a wide space between the small building they’re in and the main building and we have good visibility from the street. We’re already getting traffic!

  8. Thanks for sharing this video. I love the new gallery and the way you have set it up, including a wider range of work. Congratulations! Hope it will be a great success for you!

  9. What a beautiful and gorgeous space. Loved seeing the transformation from start to finish. Wishing you much success for your second location!

  10. Awesome Sauce!! Thank you for sharing all the news about Xanadu Art Gallery in Pinetop – wow – so much respect to you – all the big stuff you tackle in order to create such a beautiful space.

    love & love,
    (one of your fans)

  11. Congratulations on the new gallery. In your video tour, you did not mention the area to the left of the door, where you had a display of something hanging on wires.

  12. Looks great. Congrats and hoping it is a very profitable venture for you and your family. But keep us informed along the way.

    Artfully Yours, Joyce Wynes

  13. Very nice to see your new gallery coming together in its various stages.
    I wish you much success!

  14. Congratulations on your new beginning!!!
    The space looks great!!!
    I could shamelessly plug myself by saying my dancers would bring an amazing variety to your gallery…….
    *hey, I think I just did🥴😁
    Love the video tour!
    After reading so many of your blog posts it’s nice to hear your voice.
    Seriously, best wishes!!

  15. You and all involved in the planning and production have MUCH MUCH MUCH to be proud of!!!!!
    I am excited for you!

  16. Impressive and amazing results Jason!!! Yes, a LOT of heart felt labor goes into the makings of creating a masterpiece. Many THANKS for sharing the process, happy you kept us informed, very inspiring!
    Congratulations for a highly successful journey, dreams DO come TRUE!!
    Love the fact that you and other artists are ADDING more beauty to our planet.

  17. We are in love with the new space and how you have transformed it! Spiritiles look gorgeous on that wall, and we’re so happy that everything came together for your grand opening. Congratulations!

  18. I look forward to visiting! Always been a fan of your Scottsdale Gallery and your RedDotBlog. Many red dots to follow…

  19. Hi Jason,
    Congratulations on your new gallery and your first sales. I love the photo doc:) But gotta agree with several others that the signed metal beam is my all time favorite!
    Betty Jo

  20. Congratulations on the new gallery, wishing you much success with all the hard work and attention to detail. I ran a business that started with bare walls much like that, your generous and friendly spirit will surely create the success intended.

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