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How do art galleries get started? How much does it cost to open a gallery? What are a gallery’s monthly operating expenses? How much art does a gallery really sell? How much do artists make selling their work through galleries? How much do gallery staff earn? How much profit does a gallery generate? How much money do gallery owners take home?

As an artist (or gallery owner) you’ve likely asked yourself these questions. You’ve probably wondered what the realities of the art business are as you’ve seen some galleries flourish and others struggle. The mechanics of the gallery business can be a real mystery.

I want to change that.

We Have Opened a New Xanadu Location in Pinetop, Arizona

My wife, Carrie, and I opened Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ in 2001. Over the years we’ve learned by experience what it takes to make a gallery successful. I’m pleased to announce that we are taking what we’ve learned over the years and have expanded our reach by opening a new location in Pinetop, Arizona! In May, 2019 we signed a lease for a beautiful retail space in this vacation town located in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona. We opened on June 10th, and made our first sale on June 12th!

As we made plans to open the gallery, I realized that this is the perfect opportunity to share exactly what it takes to get a gallery started, how a gallery operates, and how we’ve achieved our success.

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In a series of hour-long, live broadcasts that took place over the first five months of the gallery launch, I share the nuts and bolts of how a gallery gets up and running. In each broadcast I reveal new facts and insights about the broader art business, and the specifics of our new gallery.

By watching the videos, you will learn how I negotiated the lease for our new space,  and how we set up the gallery space by building new walls, and adding LED track lighting. You will discover how much it costs to have signage made and installed. You will see what we have to do to get the business permits and sales tax licenses required by state and local government.

I also set up accounting and point of sale software for the new gallery; you will get to see the systems we implement to efficiently run the gallery.

Opening any new business involves risks, and in this series, I share the exact nature of those risks, and the investment required to face those risks.

As you watch these videos, you will be on the front lines as we make our first sales in the new gallery space, and you will see exactly how successful we are, and what challenges and unexpected situations we faced.

In short, you will experience every step of the new gallery’s launch.

You do not want to miss this!

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What Will is Covered in the Broadcasts?

During the broadcasts, I share our approach to opening and running a gallery, and the nuts and bolts of how it all works. I discussed our decision to expand, our experiences opening and running our original location in Scottsdale in 2001, and our plans for the new gallery.

I also share how we decided on our new location, and the process we went through to find our space and negotiate the lease. As we got the gallery up and running, I share insights into every aspect of the business, including:

  • Detailed figures of the initial costs involved in opening the gallery
  • How the gallery is being funded
  • What it takes to build out a gallery
    • Display walls
    • Lighting
    • Storage
  • Signage design, costs, and installation
  • Point of sale system and setup
  • Accounting software and banking setup
  • Advertising and public relations
    • Print ads
    • Direct mail
    • Social media advertising
    • Press releases
    • Media contacts
  • Grand opening planning
  • Inventorying the gallery
    • Artist selection
    • Artwork delivery logistics
    • Hanging and displaying the gallery
  • Working with customers
    • Our first customers
    • Developing relationships
    • Creating collectors
    • Follow-up
  • Website setup
  • Mailing list setup and email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Sales
    • Detailed sales figures
    • Commission payments
    • Monthly break-even analysis
  • Monthly gallery expenses and overhead

And much more.

As an Art Gallery Insider, you will have unprecedented access to the inner-workings of our Pinetop gallery. Nothing is off-limits*.

*we will, of course, be protecting the privacy of our clients, artists, and employees

How You Will Benefit By Being an Art Gallery Insider


As an artist Art Gallery Insider, you will not only gain a deep understanding of how galleries operate, you will learn marketing and sales sales techniques that will help you build relationships with your own collectors.

The insights you gain as an Art Gallery Insider will also make you a better partner with your current galleries, and the galleries you may approach in the future.

Gallery Owners

As a gallery owner or staff member, you will have the opportunity to see how we approach the gallery business. You will get new ideas about how to display artwork, how to diversify your offerings to collectors, and how to expand your marketing efforts to increase your sales.

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By registering today, you will have access to all of the previously recorded sessions, and to all future live broadcasts and recordings.

Full Program Registration to Access All the Video Sessions


One-time registration that will give you access to the entire 6-month program