Private, One-on-one Art Business Consultation with Jason Horejs, Owner of Xanadu Gallery

Jason_Horejs (2)Are you ready to take the business side of your art to the next level? Have you created a body of great work that is languishing in your studio because you haven’t been able to sell it or obtain gallery representation? Do you need objective feedback and definitive direction to help you move forward?

Schedule a private consultation with Xanadu Gallery owner, Jason Horejs who will work with you to help make you gallery-ready and to reach your sales potential.

Once you register for the consultation you will receive a pre-consultation packet requesting information about your background and images of your work so that Jason can prepare to give you feedback and direction and maximize the consultation time.

$149 – 1 Hour Private Consultation with Jason Horejs, Owner, Xanadu Gallery

The Private Consultation Will Include

  • Career and resource inventory and develop a business plan..
  • Assessment of your artwork to make sure the quality of the work and presentation is what it needs to be to obtain your goals.
  • Pricing analysis to make sure the pricing of your work is optimal.
  • Portfolio assessment.
  • Website assessment.
  • Image assessment and make sure that you look the part of a successful artist.
  • Market and gallery recomendations to approach with your work.
  • You will also be able to ask any questions about your work or the art market that you feel would be critical to your advancement.

How Will the Consultation Work?

Once you have registered you will receive a welcome/scheduling email. This email will include a request for information and images, as well as instructions for scheduling the private consultation. The consultation meeting can be held by computer video conference (Skype or Google Hangouts) or by telephone.

Personal Consultation Registration is Limited

Due to Jason’s busy schedule, registration is limited. If you receive a message indicating that the consultations are sold out, please email and request to be added to our waiting list.