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Ringling Museum Installation Mimics Artists’ Synesthesia

Pathless Woods is a lively art installation at The Ringling Museum in Florida that combines color,

Loving Vincent | A Look at the First Fully Painted Film

Social media has been buzzing recently about Loving Vincent, the world’s first painted full-length film. The

“Old Mistresses” Receiving More Recognition

Female artists have not been celebrated as much as their male counterparts in art history. However,

Hidden Gurlitt Collection to be Displayed in Germany and Switzerland

Works from Cornelius Gurlitt’s hidden art collection are finally going to be exhibited starting in November,

Valuable Sculpture Damaged at D.C. Museum, Possibly by Selfie-taker

Part of an exhibition at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington D.C. was damaged and closed last

London Art Gallery Showcases Art from Instagram

Instagram is a fun, image-based social media platform that is popular with young people, but could

Crafting Professional Emails for Better Art Business Communication

As an artist in the digital age, chances are you have to write emails on a

George Lucas’ New Art Museum to be Built in L.A.

George Lucas announced last Tuesday that his $1 billion art museum is going to be built

Creating a Connection | The Artist Biography

The hardest part of any writing project tends to be putting the first few words on

High School Art Project Accidentally Appraised at $50k

Imagine creating a piece of art in a high school art class. You put a lot