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An e-newsletter can be a great tool to build relationships with clients and to increase your sales, but only if you send it out regularly.

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Do you send out a regular e-newsletter? Have you seen positive results from it? What questions do you have about newsletters, or other aspects of the art business? Leave your comments and questions below!

About the Author: Jason Horejs

Jason Horejs is the Owner of Xanadu Gallery, author of best selling books "Starving" to Successful & How to Sell Art , publisher of, and founder of the Art Business Academy. Jason has helped thousands of artists prepare themselves to more effectively market their work, build relationships with galleries and collectors, and turn their artistic passion into a viable business.


  1. Hi Jason. I’ve been watching your video just now and it cuts out after about 12 or so minutes and a message says, “Sorry, this video is unavailable.” Technical problems at your end maybe?



  2. Thank you Jason, this is very helpful. I started my website a year ago and I’m getting a few views, but nothing in the lines of sales. My email list for my news letter is short as well. This is discouraging. Pricing is an issue for me. Is putting prices on the paintings a positive?

  3. (No problems watching in the UK). Very interesting Jason – and I feel encouraged enough to try and remember my Mailchimp sign in. Thank you.

  4. I have been very regular about being irregular with my email newsletter. I tell people that I send out only three to four per year, and I have trouble producing that many and getting them out. Your suggestions in the video, offer ways to simplify the process. I will hopefully now produce more newsletters, or even more importantly, produce more art that leads to more newsletters and more sales, too.

  5. My video stopped too. Would love to see it all. I’m a dedicated emailer, monthly plus invitations to special events, so am always interested in learning more.

  6. I consistently send out a newsletter every other month. I would like to put it on mail chimp (and send it out more often) and I recently uploaded my email addresses to mail chimp but am continuing to send the newsletter out via email (bcc to everyone) The reason I still do that is because I would like to keep the same look of the newsletter (upload would be preferable) and can’t do that with mail chimp. Besides I’ll have to spend hours learning how to put my articles into mail chimp and I simply don’t have the time to do that. Perhaps one of these days I can sit down and try and make it work in mail chimp. But until then email it is.

  7. For the longest time, I consistently wrote a blog post on my website, which I could then use on a couple of other gallery sites online . It was enjoyable for me, but I never received feedback, even when posing a question or two.

    I don’t have a mailing list, though it would be easy enough to start one. I have never used mail chimp, but I know many people find it easy to use. I will have a look!

  8. Jason,
    Any chance you would consider posting a transcript of your videos? I think they must be very helpful. If I could skim the transcript, then I might make the time to watch the whole thing. Otherwise, I am not likely to watch a video for that long. I love your blog and find all of your posts to have valuable nuggets, and then the comments add even more value. Thanks for keeping up with it!

    1. Hi Maggie – unfortunately I don’t have transcripts at this point. My Monday morning sessions are improvised and unscripted. I’m afraid that if I had to script or transcribe it would prevent me from creating them. I totally understand that the format doesn’t work for everyone, but I intend the Monday morning sessions to be more of a casual conversation. I will also continue to post written articles as well, so hopefully there’s something for everyone.

    2. I prefer written posts over video, as well because I can get the information faster in written format. Plus I am a visual learner (rather than an auditory learner). Is there a reason you prefer video blog?

  9. I, too, am unable to access the videos, any of them. Also, I much prefer to read the text of your newsletters, not watch them. I can often read much faster than the video takes to listen to. Your info is interesting. Thanks

  10. Thanks, Jason! I consistently blog and send this to my email list every other week. I’ve been doing that for almost a year and now have a short list of dedicated followers. The main thing is that although I haven’t exhibited much, the people who know me now realize I’m a dedicated artist and understand my message. They are quick to recommend me to others. I’m now working on other marketing efforts to get my work out in the world and hope that I can convert a steady stream of strangers into dedicated followers too. Fingers crossed! Thanks for showing your email from Xanadu. That was quite useful for me to see.

  11. Jason, very good video, watching it on your page, so no problems. The information is wonderful and what you have talked about for years, and others that are talking about the same. I have collected names and email for a long time. Many I have not even inputted yet, shame on me. But, I send maybe three or four a year… usually before a show or event. I drop the ball about just keeping in touch. I think about it, but get busy with other art related things thinking it is not as important.

    Success story: I sent an email about three weeks before the reception for start of a show last month. One of my previous students, and purchased a painting at a show, contacted me about one image in my newsletter going to the show. She wanted it and bought it before the show! Direct confirmation the newsletter leads to sales. I know it is a slow process, but posting that story here as you asked. Maybe it will inspire others. It is definitely making me rethink how to use the newsletter.

    You gave some good suggestions and I intend to send one in the next day or two which is a way to tell my list about a new way to purchase my work. I’ve used Etsy for studies and am selling somewhat regularly. I plan to put gallery / retail priced paintings that have accumulated (older works) on and unframed. Gallery prices, but without framing cost. I have a following, so I think it will work. And I posted this to my Facebook page! I realize it may take some time to grow this part. The galleries still get my newest pieces and I am not undercutting them — same price but without frame cost, and easier to ship! Thanks Jason!

  12. Years ago, I had a blog and I would write it when I felt like it. After a while, I didn’t have time or didn’t feel inspired and so let it go. It was a sore spot when people would ask about it because it felt like a fail to stop writing it, but it also was time consuming, and in a time starved life, that put unneeded pressure.

    I find myself now, feeling that way about email newsletters. I did a bunch of art festivals this summer, and still have 2 more to go. I decided to not make a big production out of the email and just put a photo of my booth, because nothing says art festival like a white tent, and just quick info on the event ie. what, where, and when. This took the pressure off to write something special. Just basic and to the point.

    I do see people from my email list visiting me at art festivals, so I know that it is getting thru to some and working! I haven’t really seen any email list folks attend other types of events like gallery openings, and openings at shows at artist guilds and libraries. I would be thrilled to see that!

    I haven’t started with Mail Chimp yet, as I feel like that would be a time commitment to learn it. Maybe in the winter if I have down time. As I said, I find if I keep it simple, it can get done. Making it a big project means no email. I will make it a goal to do at least once a month.

  13. How do you set up things like unsubscribe, cart to buy and how to know if they looked at your e-newsletter? I am going to start sending e-newsletters after watching your video. I teach watercolor right now and will start other mediums in the future. My friends from home and different places I have lived want to be in my classes but geographically impossible so I would love to give them a simple art lesson in each letter. This is inspiring. As an artist, I don’t think about these left-brain ideas. Thank you so much for sharing, Judy Strait

  14. Yes I feel it is important to send regular updates including musings, stories and images to those we connect to through our art. I have had positive responses to them, and it can help with sales too. I post paintings that are showing in certain galleries and the painting in my previous newsletter ended up selling in the gallery it was in. I included the prices and links to help in this aspect. Also I have found putting a new and interesting title in the subject line of the email helps entice people to open it (ie instead of just “Latest News” some aspect of the content such as a story about the process or how it was inspired, as in my latest newsletter titled: “Colour in Shadows” briefly talks about inspirations and then some news. Check it out here: And if you wish to subscribe please go to my home page at and click the Newsletter button – It would be nice to keep in touch. Happy art making and sharing everyone!

  15. I have been doing a monthly newsletter for about 1 1/2 years. Each month, I focus on a different artist or art topic (i.e. architecture). I sometimes show some of my work that was influenced by the artist. The “header” of each newsletter is one of my artworks with info on where it is being exhibited, etc. I usually get about 50% open rate, which I think is pretty good. I have only had a few people sign up for the newsletter beyond my initial mailing list. Based on the limited amount of feedback I get on it, some people seem to really enjoy it. I’ve never gotten a sale based on it. I’m not sure it’s worth the effort it takes me to do it. Should I keep it up? Any tips on what I could do to get more subscribers?

  16. Do you know of galleries that rent paintings for a season? More exposure for the artist, more pleasure of art for the audience. I’m thinking of doing this in my gallery, but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Thanks!

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