What Would You Do? | Turning a Casual Encounter into an Art Buying Opportunity

Recently I received a great question from an artist regarding the challenge of giving a new acquaintance an opportunity to buy her art without coming off as pushy or creating…

Choice Overload | Cramming in too Much Art Hurts your Sales

I have long maintained that it’s a bad idea to try and show too much art at once. Whether the art is being shown in a gallery, or at a weekend art festival, I believe it’s better to show a limited number of pieces instead of trying to cram everything you can into your space.

I believe that having too much art in one space hurts you in several ways. First, it makes your display look crowded and unprofessional. Most art needs some space to breathe. Your display will look better if each piece has its own visual space.

Online Critique Group Recording 2021-02-17

Becoming a Better Art Salesperson | Restating Questions and Objections

The typical reaction to a question or objection raised by a potential customer is to try and provide an immediate answer. After gaining some sales experience, you will have heard all the questions and objections, and will have a ready answer for each. I would encourage you to resist the temptation to blurt out an immediate answer, and instead restate your client’s question or objection in your own words. This is a simple thing to do once you get the hang of it, but you will be amazed at how much it impacts your ability to help your customer solve her own questions or perceived problems. That’s a real key – helping your client solve her own problems, instead of trying to solve them for her.

Ask A Gallery Owner | Should I Include a Couple of Sentences about Art on My Site?

The Question: I know you are very busy and unable to answer all questions. If possible however I would like to know your feelings re: Putting a 2 or 3…

Online Critique Group Recording 2020-02-10 | Featured Artist Sandy Johnson (Vero Beach, FL)

  The Artwork (click to see larger images) Title: Beach Tree Bingo Medium: Acrylic Size: 30 x 40 Price: 1200 Title: Illuminate Medium: Acrylic Size: 48 x 24 Price: 1,200…

Create a Mobile Art Hanging/Installation Kit

I’ve written before about how much I enjoy having the opportunity to install art in clients’ homes. Installations are a great opportunity to provide customer service and build relationships with…

Ask a Gallery Owner | Does an Artist’s Death Result in an Increase in the Value of that Artist’s Work?

There’s an old, morbid joke that in order for an artist to see a significant increase in the value of her work, all she has to do is die. Underlying…

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Missed sale

Ask a Gallery Owner | Getting Back in Touch with a Client Who Missed out on a Sale

It’s not uncommon to have clients who are slow to make a decision. You follow up and express willingness to help them acquire the art. However, while they may still…