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Bellow is an email I recently received from an artist. Below her email is my response, but I would love to hear your ideas, especially from past experience. Share your thoughts in the comments area below. You’ll notice the theme lately seems to be “Follow Up”, something that is, apparently, on a lot of our minds.

I firmly believe in sales on the spot (Sales Mktg. experienced).  I am wondering how and what would be the best approach reviving some old contacts who have come to my studio openings and bringing up the subject.  I am embarrassed to appeared like I neglected them for 8 months and finally i got around to them.

I am sure this is typical of us artists who spend so much effort putting together a show or a festival and then we are deflated by the results sometimes.

I see follow-ups as great opportunities.

Thank you.


My Response:

Great question NG.

Try something like this:

“I was going over my notes recently and came across your contact information from when we met at the XYZ show back in November. I realized I hadn’t followed up as well as I should have and wanted to rectify by sending you an image of the piece you were interested in (which happens still to be available). I would love to tell you more about the piece . . .”

Don’t hide from the neglect – admit it and use the apology as an excuse to fire up the communication. Send a photo of the piece(s) along with other useful info as I mentioned in the broadcast (

Good luck, and let me know the results!


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  1. I recently emailed a contact to let them know that the painting in which they had expressed interest was showing again at another venue near them and that I would be glad to meet them there.

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