Between Land and Sea: The Artistic Voyage of Kathleen Van Lieu

After the Storm, Omaha | oil | 40 x 30 | $1200

In the tapestry of contemporary art, Kathleen Van Lieu weaves a vivid narrative, one rooted in the intricate dance between the human spirit and the natural world. Her oeuvre serves as an invitation to rediscover the sublime in the everyday—whether it’s the craggy coastline or the ethereal stillness of an untouched landscape.

Born in the suburban backdrop of 1950s Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Van Lieu’s initiation into art was anything but ordinary. Family excursions to cultural landmarks ignited her intellect at an early age, crystallizing into an ambition to pursue art after a revelatory experience at a 1957 sidewalk art show in New Hope, PA. Michelangelo’s “Pieta,” viewed at the 1964 NY World’s Fair, served as a cornerstone, solidifying her aspiration.

While her education at Cherry Hill High School West was punctuated by visits to Philadelphia’s venerable art institutions, familial expectations nudged her toward a liberal arts education. At Rutgers University’s Livingston College, Van Lieu melded her curiosity into a study of anthropology and art history. An enticing internship offer at the Boston Museum of Art emerged, yet familial constraints once again reshaped her trajectory.

Post-college, Van Lieu’s creative energies found an outlet in nature, through activities like bicycle racing and surfing, and in collaborative endeavors like painting sets for children’s theater. A pause in her artistic journey, perhaps, but her authentic return to the craft materialized when she began experimenting with her children’s crayons. Subsequent tutelage under master artists at the Artist’s Association of Nantucket catalyzed her talent into a fully realized art form.

Looking Homeward | oil | 24 x 24 | $600

For over four decades, Nantucket Island served as both muse and sanctuary. Her 2019 relocation to Omaha, Nebraska, did little to disrupt the cadence of her practice. What the studio space lacked in size, it more than made up for in efficiency— a skill finely tuned over years of limited room.

Media-wise, Van Lieu’s artistic odyssey has encompassed everything from pastels to watercolors and oils. The pivot to oil and the adoption of palette knife techniques signaled an elevation in her art, offering a fluidity and dynamism that she found liberating.

Her creative methodology is an amalgam of intuition and observation. Landscapes and objects become the springboard for the internal emotional and intellectual dialogues she seeks to manifest on canvas. Impressionistic brush strokes merge with abstract flourishes, evoking both the physicality and the ephemeral nature of her subjects.

Through her work, Van Lieu probes the intersections of social, political, and personal landscapes. She says, “In my art, I try to encapsulate the vibrancy and complexity of my surroundings, translating them into emotional and intellectual experiences.”

Lemonade | oil | 36 x 36 | $1300
The artist in her studio

Among her accolades are several honors from the Artists’ Association of Nantucket, memberships in Omaha Artists Inc., and exhibitions in various galleries across states. Recent involvements include participation in multiple art festivals and exhibitions—each a testament to her resonating impact.

For Van Lieu, art serves as a conduit to foster deeper understanding and engagement with the zeitgeist. Her work is a call to contemplation, urging us to reflect on our societal imprints while embracing the innate beauty around us. “My compositions echo my hopes and fears,” she confides. And in this layered dialogue between artist and viewer, Van Lieu aspires to be an agent of constructive change, fostering awareness that influences how we engage with our world.

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